First grow in coco need help

Hi I’m just getting going with my first grow in coco coir, I have 6 cali og kush seedlings that I have just transplanted into 1 gallon buckets and I’m wondering about feeding them at this point, they have there second set of leaves and a good root base. I am not to sure on how much nutrient I should be giving them at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.


Coco you can feed right away. What nutrient line are you planning to use? I have found smaller plants can adjust quickly to full strength feeds, but for the first you might consider 1/4 strength.


Thanks very much Wickedale I’m new to this I’ve never grown indoors or in coco just want to get it right. I’m using a nutrient line called innovative plant products there a company from my home town and I used them for my first grow but that is in soil and in its last week of flower, and that is going well. But I’ve been convinced by friends that coco is the way to go, I have alot to learn so you will see me here asking questions alot. Again thanks for responding I really appreciate it.

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Hey, welcome to the forum! @WickedAle knows his stuff; you’re in good hands.

I have grown in coco and like it. It is different from soil in that you do have to provide everything. Here are a few things to be aware of with this media:

Coco tends to sequester calcium so either a nutrient line designed specifically for coco or add some Cal Mag. This should be done when watering and not when feeding.

On that note a normal routine is to feed to 10% runoff then water to 10% runoff when dry. When they’re cranking in veg you can go to something like a feed, feed, water.

Flushing is good at every major change; so when transitioning to flower it should be prefaced by a flush. I strongly recommend you use base water that is less than 250 ppm to start. I use R/O.

A TDS meter and a decent PH meter are the two most used tools of the grower. You really need to have these and not rely on strips or drops or a soil probe. Spend the money now. Don’t forget to get calibration solution.

PH range is 5.5 to 5.8 although I and many others like to run closer to 6.0.

I would start the plants with 1/4 of recommended dose (300 to 400 ppm) to start and try to remain under 1,000 ppm while in veg.

You will find coco to produce larger plants more quickly than in soil as a general rule. You do NOT have to water every day once they are in their final home. I would go every other day (or LESS!) until the plant required watering or feeding daily. It will tell you.

The general rule is 3 gallon pots for autos and 5 gallon for photos. I prefer 5 and 7 respectively and if I plan a long veg I might use a 10 gallon for photoperiod. Fabric pots are preferred.

You can get anyone’s attention by using the @ sign in front of their handle. @Not2SureYet is a pro with the coco.

How about providing pictures and a description of your grow space with tent, lights etc. Approximate locale (i.e. Northeastern USA etc.)


Hi myfriendis410 thanks for the info, I am really enjoying this site and the help. Thanks for the feeding and watering info it gives me a good jumping off point. I do have a good ph metre and a ppm important tools for sure. My tent is a 5x5 with 3 led lights each one draws about 290 watts from the wall and yes they are blurple lol. I have a grow finishing in it right now and have my seedlings in a 2x4 tent with 1 300 watt blurple light the seedlings are the ones in coco my other grow is in soil.

. I live on Vancouver island Canada and I appreciate your comments and advice. Again thanks alot


I grow in coco and have never regretted it. The growth rate is insane. Good advice above. I water about every other day. You’ll know because the pot will be like air. Also, lots of cal mag. I feed my plants every watering and they are doing great. I will give them a plain watering about once every 2 weeks. I’ve got a 4ft sour d in a 3 gallon smart pot.


I run mine 5.8-6.0. Seems to be ok so far.


Thx Familyman I appreciate the comments and could use all the help I can get lol.

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Tag me anytime you need something. I was cautious to start coco but now I won’t use anything else. Soil has a lot of unseen variables for me.


Also, check out my log if you want. Make sure to use the @ sign so we all get the tag.

Yea I’m being very cautious but so far I’m liking it.


I love coco I grow in it also. Great growth I vegged for 6 weeks filled a 4x4 scrog easy.


Nectar For the Gods has there #7 soil which is coco and it’s great. Ground very well and absorbs water well. Also, I feel sprouting seeds is easier in coco.

That’s a killer plant.

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Thx 8.5 oz off that plant


Come those are rookie numbers. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not trying to hijack a thread or anything (I know that sounds crazy but I asked a question on another thread and some jackass said I was hijacking someone’s thread and I should only ask questions on my own thread lol…true story) what’s a smart pot ? I’m a first time grower . Thanks

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Pots that are made from fabric.

Oh ok that’s what I have mine in then . Thanks

Can blame that on the viparspectras lol. 25.5 oz tho in a 4x4. Would of been more if I would have been a little more patient.