Under ripe and under cured bud got me high

I smoked some bud, that my neighbors grew outside last year. It was clearly picked too early by most standards, dried in daylight, not washed, not cured properly, badly trimmed and dry. I’m surprised to say I’m pretty high right now. I wanted to share this so that new growers who picked too early may realize that if mediocre bud is cured right for at least 6 weeks and dried well, you can at least hope for a decent high :+1:.


Sounds like my weed. Until I came to this forum I had no idea when to harvest or how to cure and dry. Most of it has been dried for a long time. Some for over 6 months. All of my weed has been grown outdoors except for some I am growing now.

But it all gets me high. Someone gave me some dispensary weed which doesn’t seem better than my own. All I have done in the past is start the seed indoors and then plant in the garden. The plants grow over 6 feet tall with 1 inch+ thick stalks.

I consider all of it 3 or 4 toke weed.