Ugh my a-hole dog

so my female pitty(sativa) is an a-hole. chewed up my dang tds meter, need i mention i currently have an issue with 1 of my ladies so that tds would be helpful, ebay here i come


My female pitty ate my plant!

Good thing it was the tds meter, and not an apera or BlueLab pH pen!!! My dogs don’t mess with them. But my cats love to make beds of seedlings and young sprouts lol.


Ain’t cats wonderful like that? :unamused::sweat_smile:

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My tds meter is a blue lab so yeah that would be bad lol

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Most of my plants have hair from my cats that are real noticeable when using the microscope.
I do a bud wash everytime. I hope you get your meter soon. He didn’t mean it. Lol

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To funny :joy:
So i refuse to smoke anything at my daughters house.
I give them nice clean product but some how its cat hair in grinders, dab containers, pipes :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:
I dont see how cat owenerd do it :thinking: my hats of to y’all :smile:

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