My buddies dreaded cat hair

Thank God this question is not for me… my buddy who is off line called me over to see what I thought and I’m honestly dumbfounded. His buds have cat hair everywhere, is there a way to even get rid of this? Some type of wash or something. He offered me a few buds he pulled for testing and I was like uhhh yeah no thank you.
The only advice I had was toss that trash and start new. Although I did say I would come on here and report back with any advice.
The obvious would be keep your pets out of the room and clean like a mad man. I just didn’t know what else to tell him and I feel bad.
Any help I’m sure he would appreciate… I’m sure he loves his cats but who wants to smoke em :expressionless::expressionless:

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This is a new one. Sorry, I have no suggestions. I don’t know what to say either, other than I wish him good luck.


Best piece of advice I can offer in addition to a bud wash, is to filter incoming air. Doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a simple filter set up will do. Pet hair in general won’t fit through the worst filter you can buy.
The cat dander nobody mentioned, but I’m sure that’s there too. To filter that out, you’ll need to scale down to a hepa filter.

Another option is to get the air from another source, outside.


Tell them to do a good wash. I’d do that anyways and this is why.

It could be used for tincture or edibles. Might be a waste of time, but I even wash bud before QWET.


I have cats also. I put filters over the vent holes since they like to hang out in the room. It is tedious but before I cut I use a tweezers to pull off a thing that made it in.

My problem is that the cats enjoy playing with my house plants and more than once I have to pull a sticky trap off them!

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Do cats actually shed that much? I have a German Shedder that is a hair factory, but she’s never in my grow room.


Yes they do! I only have two cats but the vacuum bags says I must have 20!


Yep …he has two cats and his plants say he’s a cat hoarder. I know he has stocking on the intake but I guess they get in the room anyway… it’s crazy because his house is clean but buds are sticky sooooo

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You’re correct @MidwestGuy I had one for 17 years. You become friends with the fur too… :joy: Gorgeous dog btw.
The differences between dog hair, and cat hair is that cat hair is much lighter and floats on the slightest breeze. Even the slightest air flow of a breeze it can be picked up and carried away.

Beautiful pup. And I agree with QWET