The ******* dog sticks again

So I worked an over night :crescent_moon: came hone went to bed :sleeping_bed: when I woke up my one dog was passed out at the end of the bed and the puppy was no where to be found I figured out why she ate my plant talk about growing pains in so heart broken :broken_heart: :upside_down_face: she lucky I paid so much for her other wise if give her away


Ur goin to have to make sure ur plants cant be accessed by ur dogs other wise its goin to happen every time ,but sorry for ur loss

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Glad the dogs are ok

You need a tent imo

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Lol have one just waiting for these ones to be done before I move the new ones in as a first timer I got happy cus in close to a great harvest and jumped started around 2 without being done with one couple more weeks won’t do that again :sweat_smile:

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Yeah keep your plants so the dogs can’t get in then THC can be deadly for dogs if consumed in high doses


I don’t much think it will do anything much for the dog but make them sick eating so much plant stuff. Its not decarboxylated so how would it get a dog high if it don’t get a human high until decarboxylated?? I know it will make a dog sick as hell eating it I don’t know if they get high or not they do get sick lol. My neighbors dog ate a. Bit over a quarter and got sick everywhere.