I love marijuana and I love natural, real, home grown anything. so when i decided to grow my own herb, i wanted to do it organically. but enough of that. here is my problem:

So I picked up two clones from my local dispensary back in December '13. Living in Southern California i thought this was going to be a piece of cake. Brought the babies home, put them in some “organic soil” i bought from the nursery, gave them water, gave them a couple sprays, tried my best keep them in the sunlight as much as i can. everything was going great. in about 3 months they grew about a foot and a half or so. they looked like they were doing great.

One day as i was spraying them with water i noticed one of them was covered with this film like material. i got up close to see what it was and just my luck, it was spider mites. they had only affected one of the plants, i quickly removed the other plant away from the infected one, checked every leaf for the terrorists. i searched the web for natural homemade pesticides that wont hurt me or the plants. i read that Pink Himalayan Salt mixed with warm water is way to get rid of spider mites. By the time i was able to get that salt in my hands, both plants were infected. So i tried the spray, sprayed both plants just once, a couple days go by and the leaves are all shriveled up, drooping down, dried out, the plants looked dead. Not knowing what else to do i chopped them down and now i have two sticks in two pots sticking out of the dirt.

I guess my question is, if there is something i can do to bring these plants back to life, what is its, what can i do? what should i do? What Should i have done before?

psa1992- Hello sorry to hear about your misfortune. I also live in so cal and this will be my second grow.In my opinion I would say start over . I am no pro but I have the experience with those pest plant killers.I had A mite infestion from hell.Prevention is the best cure.However you have to stay on top when you notice them its a battle you can win but its an around the clock job.My source of mites were coming from a peach and an orange tree close by. I went to the local hydroponic store and asked what is selling the most of organic bug spray and purchased some and went home to save my girls.Out of 17 plants we harvested 11lbs.This year I purchased white widow seeds from ILGM seed shop and so far I am very happy with the results.The weather here has been crazy so I haven’t been able to transplant to outside yet but in a few days hopefully.Sorry I am not much help as Im a newbie however I did spend a lot of time online researching spider mites and their life cycle.Best of luck to you my friend. Lisa

The spider mites may have been drawn to the wet conditions created when you continuously sprayed them. Not for sure. JUst a thought.

Spider mites can be treated by using Diatomaceous earth. DE. Food grade codex. I tis edible. You can eat it. you can feed it to your animals.

DE is applied with a simple garden duster. Before harvest; You rinse plant really well with a pressurized sprayer, or give your plant a luke warm shower, making sure to rinse the under sides of the leaves.