Two Controllers, One Tent?


I think I know the answer but wanted Tom check to be sure.

  • Can you have two controllers on a single tent?

I have several devises and the AC Infinity controller only has 4 ports. I do not believe the splitter is available even though shown in the manual.

I was thinking of running….

Controller 1 - Exhaust Fan, Upper oscillating fan and Lower Oscillating fan.

Controller 2 - Light, dehumidifier and maybe a heater or humidifier if needed.

I realize I could run the fans on outlet timers but I’d rather have the flexibility of the controller.

Anyone done this and is there a better solution?

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Any type of usbC splitter will work for like components like your oscilatting fans.


I personally dont find the controller to be of much use for the oscilatting fans other than convenience since all the do is push air and dont really transition in anyway from heat or rh.


There’s no need for controller 1 in this case. Those items should be running 24/7 the whole grow


Actually the exhaust is very important in the controller 1 because it helps control the rh and temps. Everything could fit in a single controller with one type c splitter for the fans. Or take them off the controller and run them manually. It cleans up the tent a bit too because you have less wiring to hide and run.

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Like @Bluntsmoke said. These should always be on. There is no need for timers on the fans

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That’s controlled outside of the tent. If it’s 100% humidity outside of the tent or 100f there’s nothing the exhaust fan is going to do to change those numbers.


There is no controlling the rh outside of my tent in the zone im in, in winter. Humidifier is directly in the tent and controlled by my exhaust fan to regulate the rh. Its setup to ramp up it power anytime it goes over 50% rh and kicks back down to 1 whenever its in check. It also ramps up anytime my temps go over 80°f. Both those settings run independently of each other.


Setup needs will vary from zone to zone

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Actually i just turned up my rh. My vpd was getting off.

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Thanks for all the input. I ordered this splitter from Amazon. Hope I can connect both oscillating fans into one port?

I realize the fans and exhaust can run 24 hours a day but I’ve also read the fans last longer if they are shut off a little each day (don’t know that’s a fact). Also like to be able to do easy adjustments on the exhaust fan setup based on temp and/or humidity.

I may be totally off base. Trying to figure this stuff out.


I am either way on that… As i don’t use triggers for heat or humidity for my exhaust in the controller… I keep it set at about 3 to constantly bring in fresh air.

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Please keep us informed… Was waiting on the AC Infinity splitter as well.

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I have the same issue… Want a controller 69 but with only 4 ports… Makes things difficult…if i don’t put a powered device… Then only 3 ports after using the power adapter.

I am keeping my exhaust on my controller that came with the exhaust fan… It’s always running at about 3 to bring in fresh air.

If I need to lower the temp or humidity… I have raxial 6 inch inline fans on the bottom intake ports to inject drier cooler air. Thinking of using a controller 79 for those.

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AC-Infinity Outlet Controllers 75,76, or 79 models for two channel independent BT control.
Programming with battery back-up. Multiple mode monitoring with Binary Output control only.

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I agree with Bluntsmoke on this. Having your temp and humidity run at setpoint is useless if you’re not replacing co2 that plants are using during lights on. And stomata are mostly closed during lights off, so temp, rh, and vpd not important at this time. This supporting it makes the most sense exhaust stays on during lights on for co2 replenishment, and most will keep on during lights off to keep rh from rising pontentially causing condensation issues and to keep their scent control functioning.

I have all this stuff and don’t use it. Keep circulation fans on 24/7 and then put exhaust in manual and set fan speed to happy medium. My situation is a little different than most though, it’s typically too cold in my tent.


My zone leaves me at 20 rh without a humidifier.

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I saw raindrops when fan died.


Again every situation is different and we are obviously losing something in translation here because neither of you are making any sense to me.


How has the usbc splitter been performing?

I talked with AC Infinity CS they claim theirs is proprietary and that using a usbc splitter may work for a while but run the risk of burning out the controller, device or both.

Not sure if it was just a scare tactic or if there is some truth to that.

I’ve never taken apart a usbc port or cable to see the connections… But assume only two.