Help Please! Tent Setup Questions

Very excited to graduate from outdoor growing to my first tent setup. However, I am super confused on a few setup specifics.

Trying to figure out what needs to go through the controller and what shouldn’t.

Below are my questions plus the tent specifics.


  1. Exhaust fan - I assume it should run through the controller. Should it run 7x24 during the grow or should it shut off and on based on tent environment. If yes, what conditions are to be set to cause it to turn off or on?

  2. Temp probe for fan. Where do I place the probe? Bottom of tent? Top of tent where temp are the highest? Or other?

  3. Grow Light - Should it run off the controller or can I set it with my off/on timer on my power outlet? FYI, my light doesn’t come with a cord to hook to a controller but tech support says I can purchase the cable.

  4. Oscillating fans - I have two pole mount fans. One high blowing just above the light. The other one will be low to give air movement to the plant (gently). Do they run 7x24 or should they shut off based on light cycle, fan cycle, humidity etc???

  5. Humidity - Controller has functions for humidity. Should the humidity be dictating when a devise comes on or off? If so what devises and what should the high and low be?

Tent - 2x4 AC Infinity

Exhaust Fan - AC Infinity Cloudline Pro T6 plus controller

Exhaust Filter - None “yet”. To be purchased

Oscillating Fans - Two AC Infinity

Light - HIG 350R

Any help is appreciated

  1. I run mine 24/7 at power 1 with automations that turn it higher if temps / humidity gets too high.

  2. I set my probe at whatever the canopy height is for my plant. Basically the top of my plant.

  3. You could use a timer, I myself, have decided to rewire my HLG Light to dim with AC Infinity. Worked great! I can control it with my AC Infinity app. Set schedules, etc.

  4. I run my oscillating fans all the time, I’m pretty sure some aren’t and some are. But I’d rather just run mine all the time than set different schedules.

  5. Humidity can be an option for your fan. I have it as an option for my exhaust. But it’s better for your humidifier to have its own controller, that’s why I use a Levoit Humidifier with its own app control until my AC infinity humidifier comes.


Thanks for the reply. I have some follow up questions if you have more time

It is best to keep circulating fans running 24/7 Good air flow to prevent mold or mildew.
Also run exhaust fan 24/7
Happy growing :v:

  1. Pictures will be better for this portion. Add a transition temp/humidity.


Thanks. That helps. I’ll study on it a while.

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I would also suggest running photoperiod plants instead of autoflowering. This will give you more control over plant size.


Thanks for the reply but I would have thought the opposite.

I’d think auto’s would be better (with LST) and allow you to control height whereas the photo would be taller even with training?

Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong?

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I think if you look in the instruction book that came with your ACInfinity oscillating fan you will see the comment “Leaving the oscillation activated for more than 24 hours at a time may reduce the lifespan of the clip fan.”

I have my oscillating fan come on with my lights, and a non-oscillating fan on all the time. Both are connected to the controller 69. There is a button on the back of the oscillating fan to turn the oscillating feature off to preserve its life.


Thanks. I did read that. Makes sense. Appreciate the input

Autos are on a clock: if you do anything that slows them down you will have a poor yield. Conversely; photos can simply be vegged longer to offset any errors in a new grower’s run. There are a lot of experienced growers on here who will agree with me.


Thanks. Yes, makes sense. I’m new to this (second grow).

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@Myfriendis410 is 100% correct! Autos are fun and there what i started with. But photos give you a much better learning curve! Also i feel photos are less prone to “herming” my dosido autos from ilgm ended up 5ft tall!

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@Sammys which hlg light do you own?
How do you rewire it to work with AC infininty controller/app?

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HLG 550r

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@Sammys Nice… Thought I would create the other thread rather than highjack @HotAndHumid s thread…