Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

I keep a walmart skeleton in my boat. When we’re towing it he’s standing up and tied to the steering wheel. When we’re on the water he’s tied to the bow with one arm pointing foward. His hands and feet are on the wrong sides. He came that way from the store.


Yesterday was trim day!

My little plant yielded 33.4 grams or 1.19 oz. Considering her small size, I’m happy with that, plus she was healthy and completely trouble-free. I’ve grown much larger, but untrained, plants that ended up yielding less. No surprise there.

I experimented with the different size Grove Bags I ordered, in order to keep more weed sealed for longer. I won’t be buying more 1/4 oz bags, since I find the skinny rectangle shape, 4x6.5 inches, to be impractical, especially when putting in a hygrometer. If/when I want more small bags, I’d go for the 1/8 oz since those are much easier to deal with, as that’s 4x5 inches and doesn’t seem to hold too much less than the 1/4 oz size. The 1/2 oz size is easy to deal with, unsurprisingly. Earlier this summer for my then-harvests and already-jarred weed, I picked up some 1oz bags at my local hydro store, but they are windowless.


Introducing Rosie, who already sprouted this morning, she’s a quick girl! Rosie is a Royal Queen Seeds Purplematic CBD that’s a cross of Kush Rose Auto CBD x Afghan Rose Auto CBD. It’s a high-CBD strain that’s 17% CBD and .5% THC, and is supposed to be quick from sprout to harvest, RQS claims 8-9 weeks. The buds are purple, and are supposed to be easy to grow, albeit on the smaller side.

Note: The “starter soil”, aka some jiffy pellet soil, looks wetter than it actually is, for a couple reasons.

The GDP seed hasn’t shown any signs of life. But, three days/72hours of soaking is quite long enough, too long for many growers, so I just put the seed into the soil and I’ll see what/if anything happens.

@AfgVet Could you change the title of this journal to:

Twelve1’s Journals: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots



Gotcha taken care of. Good luck on the grow


Rosie is moving along nicely.

Very gently, I poked through the soil of the GDP to see if the seed made any progress, and nope, as suspected. I’m starting another GDP seed today, and this time I’m going back to my 24-hour soak, the seed not me :crazy_face: , and then into the starter soil.


Here is Sammi, who sprouted yesterday! The seed is from Blimburn Seeds. Sammi is a Grandaddy Purple Auto, and is named after my late grandad, Samuel.

Sammi’s membrane was stuck yesterday, so I helped to remove it, but doing so may have also damaged one of her cotyledon leaves, which isn’t growing, but everything else with her is doing so. She still has some stuck membrane on the one cotyledon leaf that is growing, but the membrane will stay, lol. The coloring on her serrated leaves looks better this afternoon. Earlier today:

The back of the “non-working” cotyledon leaf, below. Near where it connects to the stem, it’s sort translucent. When I was attempting to remove some of the membrane so that she could open her leaves, I noticed that a small amount of green plant material came off. :grimacing:

Below, Rosie, day 8. Her second set of leaves are wonky, especially one of them, the other leaf has more or less straightened out. Seedlings can be weird, but otherwise she seems ok.

I’ll feel a little bit better after these two grow out of their awkwardness. :crazy_face:


New leaf weirdness. :woman_facepalming:t2:


The kids are making progress and looking fine, despite their youngster weirdnesses.

Rosie the CBD, day 10:

Sammi the GDP, day 3:


Nice looking girls

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Rosie today, day 13:

Sammi, getting a move on, day 6. (The white marks on the pot is DE.):


I just love baby pictures! Looking adorable.

I have DE all over my kitchen at the moment, the 5 day rainstorm made ants evacuate into my house!

Odie had it all over his nose this morning, the nosey Parker that he is.


Yikes on the ants! I can imagine Odie’s nose, looking all coked up. And why not, after his “gateway” weed bender.

Baby weed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :baby: :seedling:


Exactly! That was what I was thinking - oh, weed isn’t enough for you? After you got paralyzed for most of a day?

Doggone, boy!


So Sammi the GDP is only on day 8 and she’s decided to start putting out her first set of branches and future sex structures. Waaay too early! :hushed: (The white marks on the tip of one her leaves is DE, lol. :roll_eyes: )

Two pictures for size and overall plant:

Her very early first set of branches and all:

Might this plant be a mini-runt? I’ll give her some time, but even I don’t want to spend resources growing an eighth or something. :crazy_face:


As long as she ain’t throwing pistils, she’s probably just excited to be alive.


I’ll take that! :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah, no pistils yet. Granted, I don’t have tons of experience with autos or growing, but seems so early for branching to start developing now. She is healthy, so I don’t want to cull her; in fact, it could be fun to see what she does.

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My auto is just over 30 days old. Lookin like this now:

Just up-potted her to 2 gallons from a 6oz solo. No sign of flower yet.

They do what they want, no use fretting. If she’s eager to grow, let her. She’ll reward ya with an ounce+ easy.


She’s doing a Slowpoke on you huh? I honestly never thought she was going to flower it was nuts.

It all came out well in the end but seriously my problem child.


Maybe. I am honestly surprised she didn’t flower out of the stress of getting rootbound - but she didn’t! So we’re gonna see how long she vibes in the new digs before she shoots into flowering. I haven’t had a single yeti wedding make it past 45 days before it started flowering so we’ll see if she breaks the record.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The spots aren’t variegation, and they appeared this afternoon.