Twelve1’s Journal: Autoflowers in Soil with Grow Dots

I plan to harvest Rosie in a couple-ish days. She’s only on day 60 from sprout and day 32 from flower. However, that’s what the trichomes are saying. @Graysin a few months ago you said that your experience of timetables with RQS was fairly accurate, and that’s my experience with Rosie. RQS states:


That’s Rosie, and it’s cool that it only takes two months. I’m looking forward to growing more of them.

At Rosie’s last watering this morning:

Sunshine shot yesterday:

Sammi the GDP’s buds are developing and getting frosty. Day 53 from sprout, day 20 of flower:

Buddage around her middle and lower parts, pics below. Many of her lower branches developed side branches that became very tall, it’s a little jungle in there:

Also this weekend, I plan to get a new seed started, a Durban Poison auto. :stuck_out_tongue: