Trying to think of everything

First grow in 30 years, last crop I grew back in the day, bugs, heat, and mold took me out. I have a better setup this time, my babies are about 2 weeks old and looking good. Green Crack Auto and Pineapple Express Auto. What is the very best for dealing with insects, prevention and elimination?


I use mosquito bits. I rake them into the top of the soil, and unless you’re going to use a living organic soil, let it dry it out between waterings. This will help deter fungus gnats and other pests as well. In living, organic soil, some products can hurt the microbial organisms and cause other issues. In soil, totally safe.

Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew Concentrate, mixed at 1.5x strength, is safe to use on the entire plant, all the way until harvest, and rinses away with a bud wash. I highly recommend finding another flower/fruit safe product, like Arbor Organic Insecticide, and switching it up randomly.

And if you haven’t yet, watch a couple videos on bud washing after harvest. It’s totally safe and will get rid of pests, their debris and wash your bug spray off.

Hope this helps!


Active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis

Active ingredient is spinosad

Both are textbook suggestions for cannabis safe pesticides :+1: