Trouble with growth of Auto-flower seeds!

I’m having trouble with my AH Auto-flower, this is day 35 and I’m just wondering if this is the proper growth for my plants? As you can see I have 2 that are tall skinny and 1 that’s not!! Can you give me any advice on the situation??

Tall and Skinny = searching for sufficient light. Not what you want. Fill out the below form with whatever info you know. Specifically as possible. And help will surely be on the way

Strain; Girl Scout Cookies

Soil in pots

System type? NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?NA

What is strength of nutrient mix? 2-1-6


Light system, size? 2 LED light bulbs, 100, 60 watt

Temps; NA

Humidity; NA

Ventilation system; NA

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA

Co2; NA

Hi, looks like you did what I did the first time, I put them in the window… They don’t get adequate light, the windows apparently (from what I have learned on this forum) filter certain UV rays. Mine sat like that until I bought a little grow light, just a desktop one that Amazon reviews said was adequate for seedlings. Set it up in my bathtub, lol, and those babies took off. Now they are outside, getting close to harvest.