Trouble reading Temp/Humidity. Faulty ThermoPro T50?

Just flipped into flower April 1st, and I’ve been battling to to control the humidity. Or at least get an accurate reading.

ThermoPro that was in the tent was reading towards the 60s in humidity. But was hanging in the plants. I readjusted so it was hanging between the plants and the light. After that humidity started reading in the 40s, but my AC infinity hygrometer was reading in the 50s. I pulled out a new ThermoPro from the box and placed it in the tent now it is reading in the 60s. I searched for a way to calibrate but from what I’ve found there is no way to do so and supposedly they do not need to ever be calibrated.

Any tips on how I can approach this problem are appreciated

Girls looking very healthy all considered!

I am buying a bigger dehumidifier this week that should do the job to keep humidity in the 45-50 range

The temps on the first ThermoPro and Ac infinity are both reading at 83° also. New ThermoPro reading 74°, So the new ThermoPro is the most differing

Wasn’t really impressed with two i bought, I think they just aren’t very accurate.