What are you using to measure humidity/temperature?

Tent felt a bit damp. So I put a few different monitors in to take a look. Really did not help. They all had different displays. What is everyone using to monitor it that you feel is the best solution? Thank you kindly.

I’d put my trust in the ACInfinity controller and probe.

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Hygrometer and ac infinity controller. Just make sure they’re in the area you want to measure (plant canopy)

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Have the ac squirreled over them. Will go with that for now. Just a lot of different readings. Thank you.

Move that bigger hygrometer closer to the ac probe. Those mini hygrometers aren’t very accurate.

Will zip the tent up. Update later.

U havs to watch those lottle hygro meters. They get the air and moisture thru the littke slits on the one back corner which looks like it might be over a cup with moistened soil one on floor by dryer stuff and wherever u have the ac probe at which should be at plant canopy level

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I also find the different readings troublesome…as well as the fact that we’re not supposed to go by them in this instance but need to rely on them in the jars?

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I weed out the bad ones. I stick them in an empty jar with a 62% boveda pack. Any that are more than 3% off gets tossed


My current readings inside my 5x5 compared the what the ac infinity screen says

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Is the ac probe at the same level as the hygrometers?

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It is a little higher and off to the side a bit… otherwise I have to drape it over or run it right next to that big new light

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Put another one in. I’m guessing the Ipower reading is off on the humidity.

You can calibrate the ac infinity by ±5deg

Like in a sea of discount temperature / humidity sensors which one are you really gonna trust?

Kinda gotta get a really good reliable thermometer and use that to calibrate all the cheap ones.

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What do you recommend?

I don’t know but I’m gonna guess you don’t buy it on Amazon for $30

What I mean to say is I don’t calibrate mine so I’m sure my AC infinity is just a off as yours. It’s probably close enough.

Think I will trust the infinity one for now. Have been looking at a few. However like the drop them in the jar idea. Good solution.

Thank you.