3 Devices, 3 Temperatures & Humidity WTF

Hey guys!

I have an issue with my Thermometre and hygrometer devices.
First off one is a cheapo dual thermometre/ hygrometer from eBay, one is a sensibo air con controller, and the others are inkbird temperature and humidity controllers.

All these devices read differently on both temperature and humidity. I’m sure someone else would have had the same problem.
Which device do I trust?
Thanks for reading and any advice would be so greatly appreciated. :smile:

I’d trust the ink bird of the three.


Thanks man! They were money well spent.
Much appreciated

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Are they all taking readings in the exact same area?
I always buy the exact same thermometer and humidity gauges and I buy 4 or 5 at a time because I take readings usually from 5 different areas in the room… above lights , above canopy , somewhere around incoming air and somewhere near the outgoing air and usually on the floor next to the pots where it gets the coldest… :wink:
I imagine that since there all the same , that the information that I’m getting from them is pretty accurate , because when there all right next to each other , they all say the same thing… so if the info is wrong by a degree or two , then they are all accurately wrong which really isn’t that big of deal because the info is correct between one another… :wink:


Yeah they’re all in the exact same spot, I have them all hanging right next to the canopy (of my one plant haha).
That’s a lot of gauges, but you’ll definitely get some precise readings of your room. I might have to do the same buy a few more! Just have to find some that are reliable enough.
Thanks man! :call_me_hand:

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