Trimming up buds ... do you trim the pistils too?

Gorilla Glue Autos

This is our second grow and they just finished drying for the last week and we are trimming now. I don’t recall having as many brown pistils last time that we do this time. Should we trim the pistils down too?

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I just dry them all “fluffy” looking like that then before jarring them, roll 'em around on a screen and catch all that keif.


No need.


Pistils have trichomes on them too.


Thanks for the feedback @oldmarine @MidwestGuy @HMGRWN !!

Just a heads up…Recently finished my NL harvest. Looked like yours. Tons of pistils. However, under the pistils, there was still hard feeling leaves. When I put them in jars looking like this, it didn’t smell good. Very planty. After I trimmed further down removing all the leaves, it smells pleasant again. Just my two cents :slight_smile: Good luck!

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