Trichome check/ Plant has lost the “Dank” smell and weird brown on one bud in picture

I know I posted a lot of pictures. This is my first grow and I’m nervous I’m messing it up, especially after the smell went away. I guess my questions are already in the title. Trichome check to see if I can harvest? Has anyones plant lost it’s smell during flowering? Does anyone see anything wrong in the pictures. A lot of leaves are dying at the tips and or yellowing.

Looks too early to be checking trichs. Still a lot of white pistils(hairs). Wait for at least 75% or more to turn brown.
They look to be outdoor grow so keep a close eye out for mold and bud rot.

I’m no expert but that doesn’t look alarming to me at all. I have 6 girls, 6 different strains and since they’ve started bulking up there’s no telling what I’ll see from morning to night. When they first started budding anything dark or unusual usually meant trouble but not now everything is all kinds of different colors so now I’m looking into every crack and crevice, looking along all the branches etc. it’s very exciting and so far I’ve fended off several threats just by finding stuff early. It’s become an obsession lol

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with the others no where close to ready.
what is it?
I assume an auto.
how old and days/weeks flowering?
Weird brown spot? Third picture? I didn’t see anything. If it is a specific spot, is that spot solid? If you think it is rot, open that spot up to make sure if it is or not.


Lowryder Autoflower from ILGM
-Age of plant/what week of flower
Planted July 5th began flowering Aug 3rd
-Method: FFOF Organic soil
-Vessels: Air pot 5 Gallon
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space
-Nuts are dr earth 4-4-4 / 3-9-5

This is the brown spot I was talking about.

She isn’t even six weeks into flower. Robert says usually around nine, more than likely plan on ten.
Some color should not be a concern. I don’t see anything in particular than alarms me. Keep an eye on it. If it starts to look soft or growing fuzzy stuff then I would get concerned.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate and you can bring it to successful harvest.

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Thank you for the advice!

I figured that was the spot you were talking about. That is a little concerning and should be watched closely but not alarming in and of it’s self.

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