Trimming fan leaves

Is it too soon to trim some big fam leaves? I’m 31 days into Veg and just started LSTing.

I started doing it ,to let in more light to the bottom ,but only removed a few .

I do a tri. At about that point, not too much but open it up.

Then again before flower.

End of week 3 of flow i really scalp em.

LST? What is this?

Low Stress Training.
I’m against defoliation, all the experiments I did years ago showed a decrease in yield on all the plants I defoliated.


Low stress training.

If you’re still pretty new to the game, as I am, I encourage you to checkout a video series on YouTube, “How to Grow” by NV Closet Med Grower. It’s very informative. I refer to it often.


The only time I did it was after I read Soma’s book. I didn’t enjoy it a whole lot.

@FrostyBuds. Do you still have some of that data around? Id love to see it and comare it to what i do. I did a grow last year where i took two Cheese plants by seedsman and did defol heavy and defol light and got an ounce more off the one i balded out. Not a huge difference but the bud on the heavy defol was larger and denser so i just kept rollin that way.

How long ago was your experiment and what lighting were you using??

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Sorry, I didn’t keep any records, I just grew outdoors, some plants I defoliated some I didn’t, I always got more off the ones I didn’t, this was all 25 years ago.

Defoliating indoors is way more nessesary than outdoor. Thesr fake indoor lights dont do as good a job of penetrating canopy as the good ol sun does.