Trimming airy bud

I just finished drying my first grow. I made a lot of mistakes but know how to make my next grow better. But now with this harvest I need to figure out how to best trim this super airy bud or what to do with it. The main buds were a decent enough but I have all this extra that when I trim the sugar leaves there isn’t much left… any tips of how to better trim or some other way to still use this without trimming?


Super airy/larfy stuff like this i simply just strip off the branches and use for edibles this type of bud is hard to teim amd usually by the time you are done trimming there isnt much left ro be desired lol


Man that used to come in a lid. Just smoke it up. Will roll very well. I also edible but some of those larfy buds can be tasty.


After it is fully dry strip it down and save for a rainy day. Still some good smoke or if have enough extract for a concentrate.


I just trim it up as best I can. meaning I trim it loosely. If its still got some sugar leaves on it I dont mind. I grow for my wife and she dont seem to mind at all. ill be all down about some buds being airy and she eating them up like candy. happy as can be with them.


Strip it down, stick it in a mason jar, decarb it in the oven at 240 for 40 minutes, fill the jar with oil, stick in a crockpot on low for 24 hours, the strain off, and use for brownies, etc. That’s what I do with the majority of what I grow. My wife eats a brownie a day.


Smoke the main bud and make butter or oil with the rest. One of the neighbors I gave some of my first grow to just smokes it all in her pipe, including sugar leaves, which I leave on because I do only edibles. She was happy.