Do you smoke the small stuff?

Just curious do you guys smoke the small buds you defoliate off the bottom of the plant? I understand the smoke isn’t what it will be but just curious how one goes about drying the throw away stuff if he does lol.

If the larf I remove from plants has trichs on them I put it in a shoe box and sit it on top of tent with lid open. They dry out fairly quickly. Not the best smoke but will do in a pinch.

Photo on 6/12. First pistils about 5 days earlier

Same plant on 6/22

During those 10 days continued to remove unproductive buds and suckers.
After that, removed anything that regrew.
If I did a good job of maintaining them, there should not be much if any larf.
The stuff that was removed was to young and went in the compost bin.

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If I grow it,I have to smoke it.That’s my rule.Keeps me on my toes.