Oops. What now?

I was trimming the fan leaves from my only girl today when I accidentally bent one of the stems over the LST wires I have. Fortunately, it was a small one, but it does have some buds on it. Are these worth hanging on to to smoke? They certainly smell good.

whenever I do something like that, I just consider them test buds. Other options, if you make any kind of canna butter or hash or whatever, you could save it for one of those…

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Thanks, I’m thinking this will just be a Friday afternoon experiment in my pax. Got nothing to lose really.

Use some honey or aloe vera on the broken branch…tape ot ziptie and see if you can revitalize the branch. These plants show a lot of forgiveness. :+1::+1::+1:

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Already cut off :cry:

hang it up and let it dry a week and smoke it, i cut my larf buds off and hang them and smoke them and they are pretty damn good

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sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places when you look at it right

@Deal Pardon my ignorance, but whit is a LARF?

little small buds at the bottom that want get enough light to make a good bud but sucks some energy that the buds can use

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