Tried cloning fully outdoors with some weird results - what happened?

Looking for some advice and ideas on what might be going on with a clone made completely outdoors. I’ve been growing outdoors for about a year now with year round growing conditions although still figuring out the best cycle for different strains/ phenotypes with the goal of capturing some nice genetics and keeping me stocked. I’m a few degrees off the equator at about 2k feet altitude and 12/12 light cycle year round. Generally dry climate with cyclical rainy seasons.

I recently started experimenting with clones fully outdoors and the best one so far is pictured here

As may be expected without controlled conditions I suspect its gone hermie, but what really caught my eye was the concentration of resin heads, the purple coloration of leaves and pink hairs! more clear in this pic and the purple leaves.

In the last one here you can see the male pollen sacks starting to come out.

The weird thing about this is that I use bag seeds and haven’t come across anything like this so far. Wondering if an uncloned plant would do the same? any suggestions on this are appreciated.


Hmmm i dont grow out doors but just dont seem to make sense here. The mom plant grew fine no herms but the clone hermied. Maybe u chopped at a bad time and created stress on the clone someway somehow.


First, bag seed normally comes from a herm, so there’s that.

Second, Mothers and clones behave differently. Many breeders suggest testing mothers and clones for this exact reason.

I’m working on cloning outdoors right now, trying to keep them on the suns schedule instead of putting inside under a lights.