Trichomes / microscope assessment question

I am just curious what others think in terms of clear/milky here. I think I have another 4 weeks but I also heard other indicators of readiness. Just trying to learn from others opinions as well. This is from a tiny bud I snipped off - using the microscope is a PITA when the plant is flopping around :wink:

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Just from those hairs, I’m gonna guess 4 weeks minimum.


I would have to agree 4 to 6 weeks and you’ll need a better magnifying glass to see just the trichomes :v:


At least. As the others have said, the bud looks incredibly immature. I’d guess it just started really flowering, maybe a week ago tops. I’d be estimating a good 6 weeks or more to have nice bulky buds.


I cut off pieces of bud and bring it back to my desk where stable pics can be taken.

No real reason to look at trichs until it gets near the end and all of those white pistils have receded.

Be sure to look at trichs on flower rather than those on the leaves. The trichs on leaves will mature faster than those on flower.

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Sample taken on day 70 of 12/12 schedule

Whole bud

It was 2 more weeks before she was cut


Thanks for the info.

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How much amber at end product?

This was a very small bud I clipped trying to test this digital microscope since it is hard to keep steady. Flowering started about 3 weeks ago. Upper buds are much larger but sounds like original estimates is still on track - early to mid November.

I try for mostly cloudy/milky with some amber.

Some had less amber

GDP day 83 cut the next day


amber = more couch lock right? it is what i am looking for.

Based on this alone I would say you have 6 weeks left.
Two things need to happen together to be ripe.
1- The majority of the white pistils need to turn brown and curl up.
2- The trichomes on the flowers(not the sugar leaves) need to go all cloudy and have some amber. The amount of amber depends on how sedative you want the effect. More amber = More sedation.


Thanks. Use for this is to aid in getting to sleep primarily.

It is impossible for me. That is why I cut samples and scope it using an aluminum stand

That is right. Somewhere floating around here is a pictorial of trichome maturity/color and the effects they have.

Found it:


yea this was a cut/sample - reason it is so small.

Thanks for sharing that!

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samian, thanks for trichome stage pic.

Can anyone answer how long it takes to go from one stage to the next?

My clear try combs are holding on to weeks now maybe three, how long are they in the semi amber stage until full amber? Probably depends on strand.

Amber is that you want then. When amber, you have more CBN (THC oxidizes into CBN as the trichs age,) which is a great help for sleep.

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No solid answer. Depends on the plant, and environmental factors.