Is this enough magnification to view Trichomes?

First time growing, mixed unknown seeds. I have a macro lens attached to my camera, looking at the attached photos, is what I’m seeing the trichomes? and do they appear milky? Looking at the pistols, very few have turned brown… :woman_shrugging:t3: If they are ‘milky’, how much longer before they start turning Amber? I was hoping to go another month if I could. I got a late start (earlier July) and the buds are just really getting started :weary:


You got plenty of time. Those are just starter trichs. She’ll put out a lot more as the buds keep building.


You have many weeks to go yet based on the maturity of the pistils.


Yay!! I’m so glad!! :clap:t2::clap:t2: Thank you so much!! :heart:

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First let me say they’re looking real good. Nice and frosty.

This is the hardest part of the grow. The wait. You’re in the home stretch for sure. A few more weeks. A month maybe. It really depends if you’re going for THC or CBDs. I usually go 60-70% amber but I’m going for CBDs. I have a friend who harvest at about 30% amber for the THC.

Good luck…


The time left is going to depend on probably where you are at in relation to the sun assuming you are only doing outdoor and haven’t been dragging it in at all to give it more light. If your area just started to get to the point of 12/12, which mine look like that after a week and a half of 12/12 flip, and since you don’t know the strain flowering time that could determine if it’s 60-90 days from the flip. If you could take a pic of the whole plant and give an idea when your geographical location went to 12/12 we could start with if it is Sativa or Indica and that would help “some” with knowing the flowering time and when you might get finished up.

Only outside. Yes we are embarking the 12/12 in the metro Detroit area.

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Ok I’m in IL so yeah you prolly started flower like 3-4 weeks ago. Looks like sativa so probably another 4-5 weeks. You might want to look into getting something for indoor light though. Given the unpredictability of the weather you get you might be pulling them in with a week to two to go. You won’t even need something too expensive to carry them either. But it is nice to have it just in case daytime temps get low or we get early storms. Farmers almanac is calling for a snowy winter ago it may start early.

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I just bought a couple mini greenhouses from Wayfair, Will keep a close eye on the weather moving forward :crossed_fingers:t2:

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