Marijuana turning amber?

2 questions from a fellow grower:

Hi…I have a question (or 2)…this is my first grow…

Q: Will the trichomes on these strains turn amber?

My research says that trichomes will go from clear, to cloudy, and eventually to amber (or other dark color), and depending on strain…

…stating that this will increase the CBD’s for more body effect (with slightly less psychoactive THC)…which is what I’m trying to accomplish…

Hairs are about 80% dark now…


  • Strains are WW, GL, SS, OGK
  • Indoor 4x4 tent w/ 600W HPS
  • 9 weeks veg (18 hr light)

I am currently in week 11 of flowering (12 hr light), and they look and smell great but the trichomes are not turning.

If they are going to turn…what’s the average time from clear to amber?..and should I wait much longer past the “flowering days” listed in their description?..

Each plant is different an the flowering days listed are more of a guide line not set in stone

Did you count the prre-flower stage ?(hope not) if you did add 2 weeks. Strain/genetic are your main factor for trichome color

Just for a little clarification when the trichomes all turn Amber the THC begins to degrade. This causes your THC content to reduce and CBN content to increase.