Trichomes have not changed hue in a week

I have an indica autoflower that i was supposed to cut about a week ago but almost no trichomes were amber and about 5% were still clear.

Checked again today (5 days after last time) and again almost none were amber with some still being clear.

She had some problems in mid flower with leaves falling off.
Is there a way to ripen them quickly or will i have to live with no CBN in the buds?

I’ve found that decreasing light hours helps. Dropping down to 10hrs of light per day really kicked them into gear. But some stubborn ones still refuse to amber up.

Im more inclined to suggest maybe she’s just still flowering.

When did you drop the seed.

How long ago did she begin flowering.

Do you have any pics?


I planted her 90 days ago and she has gone 3 weeks longer than what the breeder recomended.
The one on the left is 2 or 3 weeks younger and she is a hermie, maybe that has something to do with it?

I also started the flush 3 weeks ago so i cant let her grow for much longer without sacrifising yield

Ok theres your problem my friend. Autoflowers advertised times are NOT from seed. Idc wat seed banks tell you. Its basically the flower time. So look back to when she first started shooting pistils.

Also reading she’s mostly cloudy. Id toss her in the dark for a day or two and chop her own down