Amber and clear

About 90 percent of my pistols turned amber color. All of my tricombs are clear . my autoflower is in the middle of its 6th week of flower. Should i keep giving nutes or should i just give her ph water and start the flush

@Tyco5664. Hard to say without a pic for sure but at 6 weeks flowering it’s gonna need a few more weeks with nutes.

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Ill send pictures after work thanks

You’re welcome. :+1:

From the description willing to bet she will put on more weight.

Thanks ill send pictures after work

At 6 weeks she is still young. I would bet without photos you have at least 2+ weeks.

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here. Are e pictures

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She looks fire! Very well grown. Keep the nutes for another week or so. What is the strain?

Girl scout cookies autoflower. I was worried about the discoloration of the leafs . i know at some point it will happen but the 6th week

ILGM bred gsc?

Fast bud 420

Sounds like BTB’s corner of the market.

@blackthumbbetty how quick is Fastbudz stock? I dont recall u growing gsc, but if most go fast, this maybe in the family.

The site says 9-10 week flower so u got time.

Yea 9-10 weeks but the amber pistles say other wise im a first time grower

On the pistils til ur more experienced as a grower, specifically with the strain ur growing.

When ur starting out, the trichs tell the truth. U are checking them with some kind of scope/loupe

Loupe and a scope

Then roll off the trichs. Cant go wrong. Plus that last bud stack is great

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Their Blue Dream’atic is between 80-90 days, reliably. Not sure what it’s supposed to be, though.

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does fastbud ship to the usa

I ordered it through seedman