Day 116 still no amber

I’ve got gg4 auto from ilgm that’s doing well but it still is showing no amber in its sixteenth week from seed. It’s in a 2x3 cabinet, HLG 100 v2 light 15 inches from the top buds, 4 inch exhaust and two fans, using FF trio nutes, in an auto pot using a 70/30 coco perlite mix, light schedule is on 24hrs, temps 60 to 70, humidity can be as low as 30 at times but now that spring is here it is around 40 to 50 percent. I chose a 24hr on light schedule because of really cold temps in Jan when I started, it has required 9ml of cal mag per gallon to keep from showing signs of cal mag deficiency, I’m assuming the light schedule and low humidity in the early months have slowed her down. Don’t want to chop early, should I just keep waiting it out for amber to start appearing?


They are looking frostylishious. They definitely need more time but getting close. How long have they been in flower? Happy Growing. :blush::v:


Lighting generally won’t cause your trichomes to not ripen - usually the opposite, really. Light degrades thc faster than not-light.

I’d just let her sit around for a bit, but check a bud site or two below the ones who get all the light and see how they’re faring.

No reason to pull early if she’s not ready,


Looking good! I’ve read that watering them with colder water, letting ice cubes melt on the surface triggers the plant into thinking that winter is close, better finish up! And that it also helps with trichome production near the end.
Soon you will be greatly rewarded!


Thanks for the replies, started flower about week 5, 11 weeks of flower seemed long for an auto flower, I’m gonna keep waiting and watching for amber

I agree that light should help degrade trichomes, but i’m thinking i would give it some dark time just for shits and giggles. I don’t really think you’ll be losing anything either.


Autos have same flower time as photo mistly. Just do it…well…auto. that gg4 can go another week easy. Some of my clones were around 12-13 weeks flower and clones are faster. You are in the pipe.

my 1st gg4 autos were in flower almost 13, when i chopped i had about 5% amber

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I’ve started giving her 3 hours of darkness a day and raised the light a little, considering this grow started in Jan and is ending in may it’s only gotten warmer and more humid, the opposite of what the plant is looking for to finish. If that doesn’t produce some amber I might try playing some Christmas music in the background, she’s sure to think winter is coming

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Yea gg can run long for amber. I bet at 5% it was pure fire.

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yea it def was, i had absolutely 0 confidence in my grow up until i rolled some of it up and couldn’t finish it- which really speaks volumes if you knew how much i smoke lol, smoking alone i go through a few ozs a week( i use to smoke cigs and decided that if ima put smoke in my lungs allday long-its at least gonna be mj)

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Seeing some amber now, would this be considered 5%?