Trichome color/harvest

Can you harvest some of you plant when the trichomes are clear and the rest when they are dark, so you can have different type highs, and without hurting the plant? Would it stunt the resin production on the rest of the buds? Just curious, I like the couch lock myself.
Also, Is it worth it to only harvest the largest buds leaving the lowers to mature more. For example, week 8 harvest the largest and let the smaller/lower ones grow an extra week or two?

Clear trichomes are merely vessels for holding thc. There is not THC until they are cloudy.

Good idea overall but, you need some cloudy trichomes before you harvest buds. OK? :smiley:
Happy Harvesting :slight_smile:


Very good to know and well said, have had same thoughts. It is ok however to harvest some then let it focus more on lower branches until they mature…correct??

Ah huh! Cool thanks! But it could work then once cloudy and then the later darker maybe?

Now the partial harvest question…has anyone done it? Would it stop producing resin to concentrate on the healing? Maybe making the other buds take even longer to fatten up and mature? Could you go two or three weeks longer then? I bet not many people play around with their harvest…why risk it right? I’d try it after I have a good supply saved up.


I’ve topped budding plants before. It slows them down while they heal and then fatten up because the plant doesn’t have to feed as many sites as it did before.

I won’t advocate doing it for anyone. If you would like to try it for yourself, go for it. Experience is the best teacher. In my opinion, from having done it, you lose overall potential yield.

My advice is to let her finish as is. There will be lower buds that aren’t as matured when you harvest. Let those lower, smaller buds give you the different buzz levels you’re after. You can sort them after drying by using your loupe to determine maturity and then cure them in designated jars.

My advice, but it’s your grow…


I am at the beginning of week 9 of flowering and have clear trichomes and few amber I see now and then. I am trying to be patient and wait another week or so, checking everyday on my Sour Diesel feminized seeds. Grow indoors in tent, under almost perfect conditions the whole time, thanks to this website!! What do you think?
08:27:17 - IMG_2191|666x500


here is my trichrome picture (60x).
I am thinking of stem splitting. Is it too soon yet for this or about the right time?


Still have alot of white hairs,or pistols. Still 2-3 weeks? Wouldn’t want to split too early


Is that bud foxtailing? Looks like a Big bud either way.:+1: I’ve heard sativas can go very long in flower, you might be in for a wait still.

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What does that mean I have heard it mentioned a few times before

It might be foxtailing. (something new I just learned), as it was directly under my 400W SPS bulb and I tried to keep it at least 12-18 inches from it, even after I topped them all. Yea, its the biggest bud of the 7 plants. My first grow too.

Good read on fox tailing here: What Are Marijuana Foxtails? Good or Bad for Buds? | Grow Weed Easy

Thank you. That explained it very well. Looking back at your pic, I think yours are doing this. The good foxtailing

Thanks for the reassurance. I was hoping it was the good kind. :slight_smile:

Yours looks great to me, foxtailing to not. I still don’t get the big deal with it. It’s just making more bud…so what if it looks weird. I’ll have to research more about it I guess.

I have a problem, I had some low temp. problems before I started flowering and I think it slowed the growth of my girls. according to the strain (Sour Diesel) they should only flower for 56 days now I think they are in the 9th week of flowering and I don’t know if I should start flushing or continue feeding. I am using a microscope to check and see if the trichomes are milky white/amber, they are just milky white now
Should continue feeding or harvest now?

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You could go ahead and do two more weeks of just ph’d water and then harvest.

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Thank you for that info. When the leaves start to turn yellow would that give me an indication that the trichomes have started to ad a amber tint to them and it’s time to harvest ?

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The leaves turning yellow will only be an indicator that the stored nutrients are being used up.

The only way to determine trich coloration is under magnification. I prefer 30x-40x magnification though you could get by with 10x.

I’m not sure how to deactivate an account. Perhaps @Majiktoker could answer the question?

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