Transplanting outside

I am growing 3 plants that are 3 weeks old. How do I know when they are ready to be transplanted outside. I know they need to become acclimated slowly (a few hours at a time, increasing daily till ready for their permanent outside spot) but I am unsure when to start that process. Thanks!

Transplant when you think you have good roots growing. Slide the dirt ball out of the pot and see if roots are circling the pot. Your plant will need to adjust to the outdoor temperature changes, wind, and adjust to natural sunlight. You can help by covering it if you expect frost, adding shade if it’s getting too much sun, and using a spray bottle to mist the young leaves if they look dry.

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@Sm1bentley Hello my friend, how many hrs of light are they getting indoors? How many hrs of SUN doyou get outdoors? Go to time and date .com to find out the total hrs of daylight in your area. Also transition them slowly a few hrs a day till they get used to outdoor sun.(harden your plants), I have put some out in the past and due to shorter periods of sunlight they start to flower. Hope this helps

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