Transplanting into the same pot

Hey, first time grow but I think i’m the greatest due to help from you guys. Yet, I keep running myself into more problems asking for more help :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Anyway, I have one Lemon Skunk bag seed and one random bag seed that I planted, both about a month ago. I began by doing what the local grow shop owner told me to do and after researching, it pretty much insta stunted one of the plants but the Lemon Skunk took the same treatment like she loved it. Weird.

Currently they’re in; FFOF
What I want to do; Take em out, replant into same 3 gal pots, add 50% Coco Coir, 25% FFOF, 25% Earthworm castings

is this possible, will they take?

is it a terrible idea?

Thanks ahead of time, for the all the info incoming.

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Welcome ! Personally I would go with the fox farm ocean Forest. Maybe go with your new plan next grow. I have produced a lot of weed in ocean Forest. You can transplant but it may slow them down for a little bit. Good luck


Thank you!
Just looking for some opinions and information. :slight_smile: Appreciate it and am definitely keeping my favorite and biggest/healthiest in FFOF til she’s done but just experimenting with the thought.


If you do transplant use a mycos product to help avoid shock …


I use Humboldts Secret nutrient kit and the product “flower stacker” actually helps with transplant shock I was reading… should I do both if I do transplant?

(If I remember correctly, it was flower stacker.
Regardless it was one of the products. I’d have to re-check before actually transplanting and using it)


You want to transplant 2 plants into a 3 gallon container? I don’t think this would be a great idea. 1, they are going to be competing for the nutrients. 2, the growth rates may differ greatly and 1 could just bully out the other. 3, unless you are going to flower them very small they are going to grow together causing a tangled stressed mess. Of you were planting them in much larger containers it could work, but not a 3 gallon container. JMHO


You can do it if you flower them right away can’t let the roots get outta hand I would put 2 into a 5 gal atleast


And if it helps with shock research what reduces shock you want something that basically sooths the roots and the mycos makes like a nice easy simple meal that’s not to harsh of a difference in soil born nutes it breaks down nutes to there simpler form easy for the plants to take what it wants it’s a fungus that aids in nutrient uptake


whoaaaa what are you even talking about

the plants are in 3gal pots now, i want to replant both plants into their same (separate) pots.

reason being i wanted to switch from %100 ffof to 50% coco coir (maybe 25), 25% ffof (maybe 50) and 25% earthworm castings and replant the plants into the new mixture

Sorry for the confusion, could have worded previous post better.

By the way, I, for the most part have no idea in what I am doing.
This is my first grow and I’m just experimenting, i guess.

Sorry, I missed the part about putting them back in their same pot.

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So then my question would be, how large are they, are the roots filling the entire 3 gallon pot now because breaking up the root mass like that to remove all the soil is going to stress the plant a lot, I guess you could do it though, they would just need a while to recover and then flip to flower so you didn’t get stress hermies.

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They’re about two months

I wouldn’t mix 50 50 ffof and coco there 2 separate methods you would align to the soil schedule and not a coco schedule including ph requirements and feeding rules in your case coco would be just an airation media similar to acting as perlite

50 ffof, 25 coco, 25 earthworm castings is what i was thinking.

Definitely no… ffof already high in nitrogen… earthworm castings is very high in nitrogen and ffof already being hot enough to burn lil plants the castings will just make it for sure burn possibly kill your baby’s… and I would swap that coco for perlite and go with strait ff happy frog much milder good dirt with mycrizae bacillus and better around mix I’ve shed away from ffof and went with all happy frog I used to do a transplant ff strawberry feilds for flower ff light warrior for seed ffof for veg… not really nessecarry up potting to happy frog is ample plus I’m not trying to save money on nutes and giving just water to let live off soil… I keep my soil reserve around so I have a feed cushion for minor tds fluctuation… castings + ffof i wouldn’t recomend… ffof + perlite would be better it gets kinda sludge like and with coco it’ll probably sludge up worse without perlite