Afraid of killing another

Hi, I just transplanted my fourth plant and it’s doing pretty well. The first 3 I killed through dumb actions on my part and I learned from each. But I really don’t want to kill this one. I went from miracle grow in the sprouting to fix farms ocean forest in the final pot. I just ordered Roberts booster and I’m wondering if I should use this or if I could overdo it since I read that the f/f is all this one guy says that the plant will need. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks

Yes. Here is a thought; You have been advised correctly, to a point. FF Ocean Forest will do throughout veg cycle. One the plant shows signs of needing nutrients; You can add the booster.

We are here to help. Be patient; It will grow. :smiley:

.My northern light auto is about the same size. And ever since I transplanted it about a day and half ago it seemed to have stopped growing there has been no change. I know auto seeds don’t like to be transplanted. Mine don’t like it. I just watered her with a cup of water with one drop of super thrive. I’ll see tommoro I’ll check and see if there’s a change. Is it ok to leave the lights on 24/7 for the auto. Or do they need a brake. Thanks

Yes. Leave lights on 24/0 for autos. You can go to, or use 18/6, 20/4, whatever.

If you knew that you should not transplant this auto; Why did you?

In answer to your question. After transplanting; All seedlings will take a week or so to re-root, and transition back into growing foliage. Be patient.

To be honest I dint know that u couldn’t transplant auto until I done did it and then I checked on about it. Usually I do the checking before hand. And really it needed it couse it was in a dixie cup. But I would of just cut the bottom out of cup and maybe down the side. But any way I think it will be ok. My OG kush come alone great after their transplant. They are showing pre-flowers. I’m not going to start counting week of flower until the pre-flowers fill on out some more. Maybe Monday. Are u from the states? I live in Tennessee, middle Tennessee. Anyway keep up the good work. U have helped a lot for many people. IYou have good advice when needed. THANKS

Don’t worry about how many weeks. identify the color of the trichomes for the exact point in which to harvest.

Ok my northern light auto is now showing pre-flowers. My two OG kush have been flowering for a few days. Anyway today I start feeding them. I started with half does of bloom jungle juice 0-4-5. Will that be ok to feed them with this. I never used this before. I never gave them anything during vegetation. The soil had enough food in it to feed them with during vegetation. Let me know about the jungle juice. And thanks.

Jungle Juice? Do not use Jungle Juice! AN Jungle Juice?

Well it dint seem to hurt them. But I’m not going to use that anymore because it’s for a coca core grow.Dint know that at time I gave it to them. But anyways I got this today and before I use that I want a couple options. It a couple3 part .PH Perfect Bloom 1-3-4. I’m going to give them only water the next time so it will help rince the other I gave it out of the soil. But anyway let me know what u think about this bloom 1-3-4 I got. I never used this kind before.

Please give us a link to the nutrients you bought. It will help us help you. Peace

One place is and the other place I ordered is The. second bottle I told u about come from discount-hydro. And thanks for helping.

Well I have to say that the 3 part .ph perfect bloom 1-3-4 has showed a wonderfull out come. I keep my lights about 3 to 4 in. Away from plant. I gave them all a shot of the other bloom almost two days ago but not quite two and when I checked them a little while ago all of them have grown to the light barely touching them. They all look good and praying into the light. So rite now I think I’m good to go but u can let me know what u think about it.

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Can u cut off the fan leaves that. are putting a shade. over the bud s. I’m not sure since it’s an auto.

Those leaves help more than they hurt; They draw the nutrients up. Rotate your plants or gently bend big fan leaves behind another stem if you have to. I believe it is not as important to have direct light on the buds; As it is to have efficient nutrient uptake.

I just had to move my northern light auto into the same grow room with my OG kush. I have the light set to move12/12 for my OG. How would that work out for my auto. Because now my auto is in 12/12 light. I’m down to 1 grow room. I do know what I can do to have the grow room for my auto only. But I really don’t want to go that way about it couse i don’t want to kill my plants. And all of them have been flowering for a week or so.

Do not worry. Placing the auto flower plant in a 12/12 photo period, merely shortens the grow cycle. You will have some nice “nugs” to dry and cure. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Well it’s all good now. I took the two og kush out of the grow room and put the auto in there by it’s self and lights are set for 20/4. I can grow two autos faster than I can grow two ogs regular. I’m giving the ogs regular. I’m giving the ogs to someone to grow for me. And I’ll give him one for growing for me. What is a good nutrient bloom for northern light auto. Thanks

I am starting NL tonight. Full Moon and all wooooooooooooo :twisted:

Are they autos?

No. I grow regular; So, I can sex and have pure sensi…