Transplanting into final pot

Hi just wanted to get others views on wether ur plant you r transplanting should be wet or dry going in to new soil that’s is moist and been prepared for 24hrs? It’s my girls final pot…
Thanks guys

I do it pretty dry - keeps its shape better when you move it - less disturbance to the root ball and then give it a big drink of water when it goes in.


Damp / moist on both ends. I think it gives the medium better grip to the roots. If I am going to transplant tomorrow, which I actually am, I will give them a little drink a couple hours before transplant. I wet down the coco in the receiving pot today. And will give them a good drink after the transplant. I am taking them from a seedling tray to a 1gallon transplanter bag tomorrow.


I soak the solo in the am and get the coco expanded and ready after i soak the plant down. Let it be most of the day so its not soaked but not dry to crumble apart in ur hand. After transplant give it a little water around the edge of where ur solo cup ring is to get roots wet and going outwards towards the new soil. Then water a ring about 4 to 5 inches around the plant until she starts growing good. Dont water right at the plant.

Yh Iv prepared me soil today that it’s going in to ready for transplant tomoz, which it is watering day anyway so made me think to water after transplant…

I’m in a 3 gallon going into a 5 gallon didn’t think I would need to but checked her roots today and oh my😯 they thick and coming out bottom so need bigger🤦‍♂️Been using ‘great white’ best root growth product I know…She began on the 11/3/21 and hopefully this will be her 3rd n final move…

Should I just water after transplanting or add noots to it? Also got my ts1000 Mars hydro today wat dimming level should it be in the brightness?


Nice healthy looking plant, she’s ready for a transplant. If you are using ocean forest or something similar cannabis-friendly Soil you should be good with pH water for a few weeks.

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I’m using bio bizz light mix with ph water? Thank you for the comment on her😁

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Have not used the product , would that be more like a seed starting for seedlings and then transplant into something a little hoter. Or do you stick with it start to finish. Plant is very happy seems to like it.

From start to finish and been going well

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Awesome health looks like! Very nice.

This is her week 2 into flower thinking need a little defoliation not sure tho…:man_shrugging:t2:

Im soon to prep a 5 gal final pot for an auto. Its soil. Should I wet the entire contents in the 5 gal fabric pot prior to transplant? From solo to final it will be. Thanks stranger. Don’t be afraid of my new journal. Seems some of my previous connects have ditched me for whatever reason ?!

Wow that’s a beauty!