Torn leaves, these ok?

Outdoor grow, 4th week of vegetation,7 gallon Air Pots, down South sun all day long, been spraying them with Captain jacks.
Anything to worry about


Looks like something large, grasshopper maybe. Just keep an eye on it.


Definitely watch for caterpillars and any wormy things


Outdoor grows full of adventures. I’ve dealt with, leaf hoppers, spider mites, a few grasshoppers, as well as a few caterpillar type bugs. Also White powdery mildew. I spend about as much time with my girls outside as I do with the inside ones. You gotta investigate and examine daily. So much easier to manage before things get out of hand. Managed to find and destroy a few leaves silk wrapped with eggs prior to hatch preventing full blown infestation.


J, make sure to use the search function. So many answers and solutions here! Welcome!


33 days and I have flowers starting.
Awful fast isn’t it?

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Second photo is a male.

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Yup those are :peanuts:. If you dont want to seed the nearest square mile or three of growers… id ax him ASAP.


First time at this, thought I had buds and got all excited. It was tossed.

male or female?> Blockquote

Also a male sorry

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thanks, I just burned the 2 of them!

Sucks. But it mist be done. Lol. Good to get it over quick

I know what to look for now, still have 5 healthy female plants


Leaves turning yellow, what can I do before loosing plants?

Looks like she’s hungry. Are u progressing into flower?? And how have u been feeding her?

Been feeding them with Bergman’s Flowering Stage nutrients

Looks like a light P deficiency. Anyway to check runoffs?

Been feeding with Bergman’s nutrients mixed with water.
Right now I’m starting the 3rd week of flowering nutrient, feeding once a week.

I mean can u check the runoffs of the feed? Runoff is the water that drips out the bottom. U should check the ph and ppms of that. Also do u ph ur nutrient solution before pouring in?