Change in Leaves New Grower Need Help

I’m a first time grower & looking for some help. My plants are outdoors & I noticed this on the leaves & I’m not sure what it means! This one is a NYC diesel. I have two other Northern Light plants and only one also has some yellowing.

Are there any webs on the plants it looks like spider mite damage to me growing outdoors comes with many hurdles due to not being able to have much control at all if any lol

Not that I’ve noticed. There were some webs on the top of the planter cages I have surrounding the plants but I’ve only noticed one, maybe two green spiders around the plants themselves. I also started treating the plants with Trifecta Crop Control Super Concentrate for PM and I know that’ll treat pests as well.


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Looking at the pics again it could also be thrips id suggest using a different product like Captin Jacks Dead Bug Brew its cheap works well impo and can be found in alot of big box stores like Home Depot or Lows also these pest can build tolerances towards certain pesticides and insecticides ober time so its always best to switch it up and especially outdoor growing its very important to incorporate some type of IPM into your garden to keep the buggers out ohh you can also introduce lady bugs they are predatory insects that will devour pest bugs and they wont hurt the plants

@LiesGrows Okay! I was concerned with a disease or maybe nutrient burn or something else that Idk about!

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Also, here is an update from this morning on the leaves…I think its a nutrient burn but could be wrong. Thoughts anyone?

Bump…still need help, leaves are worse today.

Is it hungry?

Try giving here a compost tea and see if she perks up. Could also top dress depending how long you got left in flower as well.

@Mikeygbaby1234 @Beck

This is what they look like this morning. Not sure if this helps you in knowing what they need lol

I would try the compost tea like @Mikeygbaby1234 suggested. Bear in mind the damaged leaves won’t regenerate but new growth is what you are looking at

@Beck Okay! Since this is my first grow can you enlighten me a little bit more on this compost tea? Lol is this something i make or buy from somewhere?

You can buy compost or concentrate for tea at the garden center if you don’t have a compost bin of your own. I use earthworms castings because I have a worm bin in the laundry room
I take a big handful of worm castings and put it in a 5 gallon bucket, add a couple of gallons of dechlorinated water. You could probably mix it up and use as is, but I use an aquarium air pump with an air stone on the end of the hose in the water/mix, add a tablespoon or so of molasses to feed the microbes and let it bubble in a warm place (covered with a towel) for a day then feed the plants.
If that all sounds like too much work I’m guessing the garden store has some sort of liquid for instant tea :relaxed:

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@Beck & this compost tea won’t be too much for the plants in the Miracle-gro soil they have? The soil has nutrients that can last up to 3 months and I just gave it fresh soil yesterday!

That I don’t know. I’ve never used Miracle Gro soil. Maybe wait a few days and see if it responds to the soil boost?..…

Compost tea is more about adding microbial life to your soil who in turn take commands from your plants through exudates and give your plant nutrients, this is an oversimplified version of the process. As for miracle grow and all that hot soil mixes id avoid them, save yourself the hassle and guess work. Good luck.

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Ensure that your water ph is between 6 and 7, if the ph begins to sway to far either which way the plants ability to uptake nutirents is hindered.

@Mikeygbaby1234 So I finally got my hands on a PH test kit and they were all over 7.5. I just put 4 drops per gallon of water of Foxfarm PH Down and fed it to the plants.

Any idea how long it will take them to show any signs of improvement?

This is them today prior to treatment.

@dbrn32 I saw you being mentioned on a few other threads & try my luck getting your input too!

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