New grower need any body's help

Hey I have a month old plant and I have bo idea what’s happening with the leaves any help? And I have 3 other seedling and there starting to show yellow Mark’s. Any body help?

First 2 pics look like wind damage to me.

The brown tip looks like she went dry(not enough water)

Last 2 pics, with crooked leaves, she will outgrow

Is this outside? Looks like bugs.

Yea there outside

is this bugs? Have u seen under t leaf

Hey @William6191, I agree with @Covertgrower …looks like possible Spider Mite damage. (I’m talking about the spotting on your leaves) Or any other fun little creeper you get from outside. I grow Outdoors as well. I’m sure you have, but fully inspect your plants with a bright LED flashlight and magnifier.
ESPECIALLY Under the leaves.