Topping autoflowers

From a fellow grower: What’s the go with Auto flowers ?

Are they able to be “tipped” ?

Get cuttings off ?

In a scenario of popping seeds, then run under 300watt LED for 18hr for a couple pig weeks. As they get to 100mm - 150mm high take cutting (tip it) Clone cutting wait another few weeks, Tip again. Should hydra in a way, couple more weeks, plant recover then put outside to bud and finish off.

Run Coco AB whole time slightly increase dose whatever once outside add a Bud Nutrient with AB

You can top autos some phenos don’t take it as well but a lot of people get away just fine with it but only top once not enough veg time to do multiple tops, as for cloning it can be done but it’s a wast of time your clone will be the same age as a the mother no madder what so the clone will go into flower the same time as the mother you will end up with a little lollipop bud you would get more off autos by simply doing LST (low stress training) tie them over let them grow you will get plants like this or better-


I let my Autos do their own thing. I hate them with a passion as I prefer full control of a Photoperiod Strain.

Autos can be extremely picky. :pensive:

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You could Fim them at the 4th node.