Topping at late in grow

I’ve noticed that when you top your plants not in the binging but at the end.well ive always top my plants in the Beginning. But I was having a problem with them bumping into each other . So I have to always hollow out the inside. This time I just let the plant do its thing and then I topped it at the end. I seem to look at plants and I see them talked but it doesn’t really look like they produce more buds than just let it be regular. When you let it go regular and top it at the end you really don’t have to worry about plants bumping into each other or have to use a lot of stakes because you have to proper 2 different hittops. What I’m saying is I don’t think topping in the beginning should be done. Is she be done at the end of the grow Or maybe it’s just me. But I noticed when I don’t talk the plant she grows real thick and she is nice and healthy. Not to say when you talk it in the beginning it doesn’t do the same… Well if you top it like I said do you ever have problems with the inner nodes bupping into each other.

Topping at the end of the grow can stunt growth and slow down production, or even worse, stress the plant and cause hermies. Topping at the beginning is done so the plant has time to recover and no flower production is slowed down.


Thanks shes doing fine but has that happened to you before,thanks its all a learning experience

When topping is done right, it is definitely beneficial. Some form of stress training needs to happen indoors to maximize your space. Thicker the better, but if your concerned for bud rot that is a different concern in itself. I always top early and supercrop as much as possible BEFORE the flip