Can our ladies top themselves?

Hey there everyone. Hope y’all had a great labour day , glad I found this place, hopefully learn some things from y’all and get support through my journey. This is my first time, so please be patient and understanding with my annoying self. Mah seem like I ask alot and ask too much… it isnt I’m trying to be annoying, it’s just me being s first timer and would love to do this all the time, I need to learn as much as possible.

So my reason I’ve come here first time, is can our ladies top themselves?? Is this a thing? Is it bad or good ?? I topped our ladies… we had planted 5 only 3 came through… so praying to not lose any of these ones if I can help it. So where I topped them should now be 2 instead of 1. However I see about 8 now but they all in different spots throughout the ladies. And I know FOR A FACT I didn’t top them more than once. I want to top them again but not if this is a problem .
Amy help is greatly appreciated… have a great day sit back relax and inhale


Pics would help. Btw welcome to the forum! There are plenty of great people here to help you. Im new so nothing but welcome from me. Happy growing!

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Welcome to the community ! I have never had a plant top itself. I have had deer come along and top them for me. You can fim the top of a plant and get multiple buds. As @Druiddescent mentioned pictures would be nice.

Sounds like you are talking about the acceleration of lower growth. Topping the plant stunts the apical dominance of the main stalk. This causes the lower growth to accelerate and each fight to be the top. That’s where you bring low stress training into the fold to help them all become tops. They will then stretch together at the start of flower and make you very happy.

Don’t worry about it I once typed " I’m so green I’m annoying myself" On this forum :wink: