2nd grow she don’t look happy any help

Hi there this is my 2nd grow 1st one I did went well 4-half banana bomb form bomb seeds onto this new girl bubblegum kush and I tried to start a maline but stems growing short so cudnt tie topped her twice so four tops on her… not topping no more as this was just a trial n error thing…
noticed she looking sad and very dark green thought it mite be nitrogen issue…???

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I am far from a pro, was that girl big enough to top and prune that much?

How long since the topping?

This was my accidental topping. Snapped her in half with my FULST. She was always a runt.

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I was thinking the same… I thought it was suggested to top after a plant has 3-5 nodes.

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Your plant looks plenty healthy just maybe not feeling great after being overwatered :v:

You really should top a plant until is has at least 4 or 5 nodes even if 6ou plan on topping at the 1st node. Topping to soon can really stunt a plant.

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I seen that same slide; but I read on one of @Hellraiser 's posts that said…

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I am amazed how little you have to water these plants. If it wasn’t for you and the other fine folks here, I would have drowned them all. :crazy_face:

I want to top this sassy girl. I think she has 7 nodes. One is kinda hiding on the top… no pun intended. Just awfully hesitant to hack one of my best girls.


Like he states…

@NYDon …ok brother take a leap of faith. Keep nodes 3 and 4 and remove everything else.

Will end up looking like this


I feel your pain… About to trim up and top my 5 plants before switching them to the flower tent.


I topped her wen she was going into node 6, so node 3 topped… Iv give her just water ph and only 1 1000mls at that… shud I take the two big fans leaves off?

Still following…

Hey guys thought I give a update she looks better now this is my 1st go at mainlining I’m pretty pleased, didn’t do 8 tops stuck with the four tops but have notice 2in middle growin​:grinning::star_struck:


Last week before I flip…