Topping autoflower and progress

I cut the tops off did I do good what should I do now they are out door my other purp lush did great on my back porch nothing but water all the way through I’ll post that in another comment.

Trying something new with these next two plants. But how much longer you guys think on this purp kush??

Leave her alone for 7-14 days while she recovers from the top. decide if she needs any additional FIM or top, and if so, try to get her trained early. :v: Looks healthy.


This is my second plant out of the batch of seeds it’s 100% different then the one I’ve been posting I’ve had three duds and one plant I spent so much time on seems like cbd after it’s dried. This one here is actually purple at the base of the buds starting. Just shocked. I wish I had a way to contact them about the experience I know they send new seeds for the bads but can’t contact anyone.

I tried training her with the biggest paper clips I could find and lol it worked for two days then pulled them right out of the soil

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You did it a little to soon you basically did it at node 3 formation( since 1st set are false leavesand dont count) where as you should do it right as node 4 or 5( depending on how thick her foliage is) is forming

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That one was the dwarf plant it’s my red headed step child but the second one I just posted is from the topping is that what your referring to? Cause I have two coilas forming

First plant out of seeds out of three that actually look as what I ordered. Confused. Did I get ripped off did they mix up my order who where do I call?

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hey I don’t wanna hijack your thread but about same strains looking different… here’s mine at a month old and then at two. They had nearly the same treatment but just nearly and small changes might really be significant, I dunno why though

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It’s pheno typing. Physical manifestation of the genetic traits. The reason they’re so diverse is they were likely only bred once, perhaps twice. The first and second generations of a cross are the most genetically diverse and also the most unreliable in terms of whether the plant will look the like pictures. It is the same thing as the picture from a genetic standpoint - just not exactly. I dunno if that makes any sense.

I gotcha man thank you for helping me understand. I thought maybe I let my last one go alittle too long but it also was grown with miracle grow this newer one is not

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