Topping: 2nd cut?

Hi All, I topped for the first time above the 5th node a few weeks ago. Our weather has been cloudier and cooler than normal and the plants seem to be getting a bit lengthy between nodes. Where should I top next? Is it okay above 2 nodes for the 2nd cut? They seem pretty strong there.


Plant will be a-okay, you could probably top above the 1st node, but I would get a second opinion because I COULD possibly be wrong. In the future, to avoid a long, lengthy stem at the bottom, try to top for the first time at the 3rd node. It seems scary to chop the plant when it’s that little, but the plant will thrive. It really doesn’t matter if that’s what you prefer do you, but I also topped at the 5th node on one of my current plants and I’m currently unhappy with its lower section. It makes a lot of sucker branches later during flower that you have to chop if you don’t practice LST. I topped the same plant again at the 2nd node and it went good, also didn’t leave any gaps.


Thank you!


I follow Nebula’s guide and wait until each side has grown to 4th node before topping again. I find it helps later down the road with branch strength when those heavy colas will want to bend them to the ground if they’re weak.

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On my outdoor grows I wait after the initial topping for 3 new nodes then pinch out the newest (4th) node tip. I don’t do anymore topping after the beginning of July here. I typically see preflower the 1st week of Aug so I like my plants to be fully recovered from whatever training I’ve done to them.

Thanks! I topped above the 2nd or 3rd this time depending on the structure. We won’t top again

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