Question about topping alternating nodes

Hey all, I have some beasts that I need to tame. I have them lst sog style but these mommas are going to still be nuts tall. I’ve topped twice already, but I’m looking to go again. The question I’m having is if it’s advisable to top if you have alternating nodes. They look like clone branches in that they’re post topping growth is not symmetrical. They’re from seed btw.
Any tips? Thanks guys

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No problem topping with alternating nodes, do it with my clones all the time, every time.


Alright, good to know. What about timing @Hellraiser, I have until the 26th of August before they hit 13.5 hrs of outdoor light (start flowering), is there a cutoff point before flowering that I should keep in mind?
Edit: what about cutting further down then just the very tops, do you have any experience removing 6-8” off a branch? A few of my tops are reaching far above the rest of the canopy and would like to manicure them to a more uniformed size and appearance.

I am experiencing similar situation. I have plants I have topped several times “and Fimmed” and they are over six footers now. I can only go to seven and they will be over the fence limit. Still in July in Michigan. From ILGM seed Maui Blueberry Strawberry Cough Blackberry Kush
I have tied them down as well and keep “pulling” them a little more each day”.


The sooner the better to give the new tops time to get nice and thick before flowering starts. No problem with bigger cuts, as long as there are growth tips under your cut, they’ll keep chugging along.


Talk about a sea of green lol beautiful

Hey @Hellraiser, I know I somewhat picked your brain about my planned grow tent setup.
I’m going to be alternating what I’m doing. I was gonna do a 4x4 with two 260xl’s but I’m going to go with a 3x3. I know your using the 550r with the uv bar. I was wondering if there was an equal alternative that might cost less then the 550? Also I believe you said you use ac infinity duct fan. I wasn’t sure what size you went with, did you do the 4” or the 6? Do you use just one for exhaust, or 1 for intake and 1 for exhaust?

Yep you can hack an 8 inch top off no prob! I would not top a plant within 2 weeks of flower, BECaUSe … the plant s have started the stretch, and that is super important for proper bud set! You want the whole stretchy part to flower! So if yer goina do it… do eet NOW!

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You my friend have a shituation on yer hands! Those girls have barely started the stretch! And you still have budding! Heres what you better do… supercrop the shit out of em as carefully as you can and bend what cant take a supercropping, top whatever is growing too fast, and tie down stuff lots! You are about to get into restricted airspace!
Right here is where :laughing: :rofl: :joy: its the kinda problem we all wish we could have!!!

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Thats goona stiiiink real bad or good depending on yer neighbors idea of stink :laughing: :rofl: :joy: like dood skunks are goina feel inadequate after that!


A equal alternative that cost less would be 2 HLG 260 R specs, same boards, split into 2 lights, saves $150 off the price of the 550. I use 6" fans on the my 3x3 tents, a AC Infinity T6 for the flowering tent and a S6 for the veg tent, both great fans. Just exhaust, no intake fans.


Awesome @Hellraiser that would keep me in my price range. I appreciate you

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Ok so I just watched a video about super cropping. My question is how far down can I go? I love the situation I am in and I don’t too! I am a second year grower and thought I had them under control yeah right! Anyway do you have any other teaching videos I could watch or any other ideas for me. I am going out to the garden soon and gonna try it out.

pick a branch, squeeze it with you thumb and index finger like yer pinchin a walnut. The idea is to sorta crush the stem wall. Once it feels like its sorta crushed, keep your thumb and index finger there for support of the lower stem and to continue some pressure while the other hand twists gently and bends the top down. Once you break a couple and do a few successfully, it will be easier. I suggest you start on a couple thin tops, once you get better at it go bigger.
I think it would be pretty hard to do woody material, have never tried it, the idea is so long as the cambium layer is still attached, the water and nutrients will still flow. Thats why a branch thats snapped can stay alive.

Well thanks for the information. I did get the hang of it after a couple snapped. Overall I believe I did a pretty good job for a beginner. Thanks to you! I appreciate your help.

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you are welcome and you did an awesome job! Sometimes a slight twist will help too! Also to keep them from standing back up in a day or so, you ca mak a short strap and secure one end to the thinner end of the top and the other end to the stalk… like a gusset kinda.
Just wait and see what they do :laughing: you are goina have way more tops now :laughing: :rofl: :joy: like way more!!!

Thank you and the more tops the merrier!

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Awesome grow!!!

Thank you