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My outdoor White Widows shot up twice leaving gaps of 6" - 8" between the tops and the next 2 sets of nodes. What do you recommend I do. Either let nature run it,s course or topping and where?

Extreme stretch may mean it is not getting intense enough light.

Can the Outdoor White Widow (and other strains) be Totally Topped 1 or 2 nodes down and a new top develope? the removed tolps can also be cloned? Is this correct?

This is correct, topping above a few nodes from the bottom of the plant or a few nodes down from the top of the plant will then allow the nodes below to become tops and the top that was cut off can be rooted to produce a new plant most of the time. This doesn’t work very well with autoflower strains as they are kind of “programmed” to grow from seed to flower and death in an approximate set number of days depending on the strain, so the newly rooted clone may just flower and die at the same time as the parent plant regardless of light cycle. There are advantages to growing autoflower plants and still using topping techniques to train and control size. The biggest advantage to autoflowers are a short grow to harvest time and they make the perfect house plant, put it in direct sunlight outside in the day and bring it inside anywhere in the house over night and not have to worry about a light schedule or putting it in a dark closet at a certain time every day.

Is this the best place to top? Leaving a set of nodes with growth at the stem / leaf left intact?

How much growth is below that?

It looks like I may want to go down 1 more node. What are your thouhgts?

Thank you sharing your Wisdom / Experiance.

Yeah, you can do that if you want, it has plenty of growth to support further growth of the parent plant.

My goal is to keep the plants as short s possibles for unwanted viewing from a distance. I am legal but why push it.

Good plan, and all the vegetative growth on the bottom can be trained into tops and you should have nice short stalky bushy plants.

Nice. Sorry I missed you all, but I have been testing a chatroom at my site. It will be better than using Yahoo IM

Plants look great. I would generally agree with McG about where to top the plant, but after looking through all the piks; I also concur. You could take it down to just above the canopy at the bottom.