Top broke off of my flowering ww autoflower

The other day my light fell down and broke the top right off my plant that is starting to flower. The plant seems ok but i was wondering if i could root the top and keep it growing? It snapped right above the node so i dont have a node to put in the ground to root. Will it grow roots without a node being in the media? I put rooting gel on it and put it in a clone starter and it has not died yet. Please help me with any info you can as this is only my second time growing. First time with autoflowers!

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Personally I wouldn’t mess with it.

Do you think the top will grow new roots and live?

Its up to you if you want to put the extra effort to it but i think it’ll grow roots. Cut back the larger fan leaf by ⅓. And you’ll want to keep the clone under a vented dome and spray the leaf with water whenever they look dry. I use earth juice rooting gel and some great white on the cut stem. It might be a week or 2 before you see root. Plant her and feed her normally once you get her in the right pot. You could end up with a monster crop looking clone with just 1 big nug or they could branch out and veg a bit. Ive cloned just about all my autos and they don’t always follow the mothers clock. And imho they turn out better then the mother most times. I’m drying my bruce auto clones rn. They actually finished before the mother. And i got gg4 auto clones that are a few weeks behind the mother who’s about to be chopped down in a day or 2. Good luck and happy growing

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It’s up to you to try to root it @Mark30290. I’ve done it and it will root, but it’s just going to be a stunted auto.

Thank you for the info. Does ot have to be under a dome to form roots? I get it needs more humidity for water i been keeping around 65% does it need more?

I thonk it would be cool to even get one big bud lol it broke off so whats the harm in seeing what i can do with it lol

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Have you cloned while it was flowering or just in veg. Im real new to cloning

The extra humidity will help along with misting or spraying the leaves. This will be her only source of water intake until roots develop. Here’s a monster nug of a clone came off a purple kush auto.

I have not with ww. I’ve cloned these autos with success. purple kush. Gg4. Bruce banner. And going to again with my girl scout cookies and another purple kush i just started to germinate. I usually top them around week 3 and cut off the 2 lowest laterals to clone. And that picture was from a branch that i accidentally chopped during defoliation in preflower. I got a post with her and her sister clones journey.
Here they are. The 2 in front were done intentionally while the 1 in the back was the accident. She was just showing pre flower sites. So you might end up with a fat nug growing like the 1 above.

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Same thing happened to me almost 2 weeks ago except it was my Sasquatch handling that broke a side branch off. You can see the void in the center of this picture. Also WW auto

Been keeping the soil moist and Rh in the grow area is 45-55%. This is at least a week after it broke. No wilt yet but also don’t see ant roots thru the plastic.

That is so cool GrassMan. I hope that is what i get. A huge nug lmao! Why do you chop the points off of the leaves like that? What does it do? Thank you for the pics and the input!

I hope mine survives it has been 5 days now. Still no roots but not wilted either so maybe there is hope afterall. Il take a big bud lol i used roottech rooting gel i hope it takes

Made a ghetto dome for time being lmao

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I’m not exactly sure why they say to cut the leaves by a 3rd or even by half on clones. I’ve always done it because researching how to that’s just one of the steps. Haha. Sorry I don’t know the science behind it but i think it has somthing to do with the plant focusing its strength to rooting instead of leaf growth. I hope they root.

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Thank you @GrassMan420. Im looking more into cloning now. How long have you been growing? Real glad you responded to me as i feel so much better now lol

I started growing ilgm seeds last November. But i been growing a gg4 strain for like 5 years before that. And I started cloning like 2 years ago. Not much success back then in clones Haha. And I’ve just started topping and cloning autos back in feb. So I’m still new to it and learning more as i grow.
How long you been growing for?

@grassman420. I been growing for 2 years now. I had 4 plants last year that were photoperiod . Did pretty well with them just didn’t have in big enough pots or check any ph or give any nutrients at all lol and they all did great got a few dry oz off each plant. We’re seeds I found in my bud that I used haha . This year is first time for autos. So far I love them and did a ton of research. My plants are thriving

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I broke a branch off last year during preflower I stuck it in a glass of water

Ended up with less the a 1/4oz