Too much, or too little nutrients

Hey everyone

This is my first post as I’m pretty new to this forum. I am trying to get ahead of the curve, so I’m looking for any advice regarding what looks like yellowing at the end of a very bottom leaf. Everything else looks pretty good but but I want to get ahead of the curve in case this spreads to something else.
I’m growing in ffof. They’ve been in OF for about three weeks and was using happy frog for first two weeks. Water going in is 6.8. Coming out 5.9. Pms are 1500. I just flipped switch a week ago so they’re stretching now.
I watered with 100 ppm big bloom nutes solution as I didn’t have any tap water that was gassed off and only had ro water. I added nutes to the water to stabilize ph. Is this the beginning of nute burn or are they needing something more because they’re stretching? I’m afraid to give more nutes because ppm is still pretty high but don’t want this to spread. Any thought? Thanks


It’s perfectly normal to lose the first sets of leaves once the plant has established itself. Your plants look great, keep doing what you’re doing.


Howdy Chudo
They look OK to me. :+1:

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Say you flipped? Are these photos? Either way, start easing your ph up the next few waterings and watch your ppms. In flowering they prefer 6.5 to 6.8. This could be an early sign of ph issues, thats why im suggesting to catch it now while your plants are doing well.


Yes they’re photos. Ok. Sounds like a plan. I’ll try and keep ph at higher acceptable levels. Seems like the ocean forest has a low ph right out the bag, but from what I’ve read it should balance out to ~6.5 after some time or after flushing. FF feeding schedule suggests flush with sledgehammer, is flushing necessary if only using the big bloom? Is it really necessary to use all of the products? Or do I even need to use the trio, or is the bloom sufficient for flowering.
Thanks in advance!

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Yes it’s necessary as FF nutes r loaded with salts and they need pushed out or they build up and cause issues later in the grows. In flower I’d follow the recommended doses as on part has certain chemicals and the other have others. In flower it changes a bit but still need to use the parts as required.

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Super helpful. Thank you much.

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@Chudo welcome to the family my friend plants look great nice job :+1: happy growing

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Same here my friend, they look just fine😉

Welcome, I think plants look good!

They look good. I start feeding neuts when runoff ppm gets to 1000 or below. And feed at about 1000 ppms every other water, between feeds i use Ph water and monitor ppms every water or feed.

Thats really helpful. Thank you. Will use as a guide.

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