Too much light I'm sure.How to handle?

Okay - I/we really messed up. An honest mistake of communication. Didn’t turn the lights off. Yes, I have a timer, which will now be installed.
In any case - how do I treat these? I was planning to Top, or FIM, two of these Autos.
Remove the “cooked” leafs?

Leave 'em alone?

How far is the light? Those are leggy girls. Super stretched. Idk about what to do about your problem though. Also it looks like you have a weed growing in the pot front left in first picture

Is the medium charged? Innert medium in peat cups, which you’ll want to ditch quickly too. If unbuffered could be your problem. I’ve used jiffy buffered with a free nute pack once. Good results. But that’s my limit on that media. It’s common practice to leave lights on 24h a day for first two weeks though. Many of us do, then switch to 18/6. It looks more like stretch from light being too far and feed issues.

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Coclydons are gone. have to be feeding something. Nutrients and pH?

Spider Farmer SF-1000 @40% and 18" for three weeks .

I was at 18/6 but simply made a mistake as to whom was going to turn the light off. So they were 18/6 for 3 weeks and then 36hr because of mistake.
I solicited SF for recommendations as to growth stage, distance and light %, but received only a basic guide - disappointing.

My sf 2000 is pretty dismal below 60%. This was probably around 70%

You can turn it up for sure dude… No reason to have it that low. I literally germinated my seeds in a cup, planted in soil. Light is 24" from plant at 100% and here is how it looks


No nutes - only Germination soil. This occurred immediately after leaving the light on for 36hr.

Needs nutes. Coclydons fell off.

Needs more light. Stretching nodes too far

No matter what stage a plant is in. It will not overstretch if it reaches an acceptable dli (daily light intake) meaning, be it 18 or ,36 hours of light, it will not stretch. If it’s a seedling we harden them usually with 336 straight hours of light.

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My light sat 24" above my pot at 100%. No issues. Even while it was a seedling

I have 2 more seedlings working on setting roots now too.

@DPCBassman Turn that light up to 100%. Put it at 24". Get some nutes. Neeeeed. Nutes. I highly doubt your issue has anything to do with the amount of light it got other than the fact that it didn’t have the nutrients to do anything with the light that it did receive. As @Budz said, it shouldn’t stretch with adequate lighting. People run 24 hour schedules. I personally feel like it needs it’s rest so I am currently doing 18/6 but that could change in the future.


More light…okay. As in more % output from SF-1000 or light closer to Veg’s?

Crank it up 70% then watch them

Ah sorry @DPCBassman I forgot to mention I have the same light… Sf-1000… Just put it 24" at 100%

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If the leaves look like taco shells, back off. But otherwise you’ll be good to increase, technically indefinitely untill that point.

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Okay FWIW these are Auto White Widow.
I was preparing to transplant these into Happy Frog, but paused here.I was following the SF recommendation for % and distance etc. This is my 1st grow so…
Yes, they are leggy and have been since sprouting. I had issues with the the non-auto’s Blueberry’s not Germinating and put them in soil anyway. So I’m trying to move the WW’s Autos ahead and salvage the non-Auto Blue’s.

It doesnt look to me like too much light is the problem, referring to your “cooked” leaves. Those are the lower leaves. If it was heat/light related, those closer to the source would be most damaged, I would think.


While hammering plants with light can stunt them, it’s usually more than you think. So crank the light up for lower plants