Too many planted?

I hope everyone is safe in this cra z time. PleSe b careful! I usually grow 8 or so outdoor girlies same strain. This year got ILGM Roberts gold leaf and blue dream. I wanted real genetics. I continued with my usual strain of which I have no idea. Schwenksville Girl bye the way!Great indica ish been growing for 20 years and a friends white widow for the first time. . This is a wall as you can see. . 4 strains keeps you more jumping than one. Different minimal little pests. Any suggestions. Do.i Have too many In To small a space? I have over ten ft w gold leaf already w harvest in early October. Dropped them in this garden June 1st. Oy vey! Dis a big girl! They are all giant 2 months in. Would you pull any to create space. Just let em’ run? (Long May You Run)Worried about air flow and mold. How the heck are you! Thank you in advance. Uploading: 63CD286C-2DA2-485B-8502-B59B5191B177.jpeg… Uploading: BBBBEC4B-8C35-4BE5-A6D0-8ECA5D03D34C.jpeg… Uploading: 0DDD7FBE-96CF-412A-88C5-85FBC4652366.jpeg…

Do strains Cross pollinate Like females and dare I say males? Grow a Blue Dream next to a Gold Leaf… what do ya get? Ok. I’m afraid of this answer :sweat_smile:

Your pictures didn’t upload. Each time you start uploading wait until you see check mark next to delete/trash icon before you start another or before you click reply

Ok. Try this again. Thank you.


Everything is obviously in the ground. This is a stand alone White Widow at the front of garden not being encroached. Pretty full but not a giant.

I’m not qualified to answer many questions about outdoor growing. Several on forum are though. @AAA is one that may be able to help.

Thank you Doggy… Just got a 5 month old Sheppard retriever mix. Big lover! Would AAA see this or do I reach out? I know you guys had some great insight for me last Year. Some East coasters worried about frost like myself. Thank you very much as always.

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No need I tagged him, he’ll get a notification. Hopefully some more experienced growers will see your post and help out. If you want to get someone’s attention just type @ symbol and name with no space in between. Like this @Larryyeahmon

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Thank you for the tag @Bulldognuts!

@Larryyeahmon. They look good.

Females do not pollinate each other, you would have to have a male or a hermaphrodite to create seeds.

As far as thinning out I would clear out the bottom 1/8-1/4 of the branches for some air flow. Besides, those lower bud sites don’t really produce a lot and are a pain to trim, better to use that energy for higher up colas. You can also thin out some of the inner fan leaves to help with airflow, but go easy, you can always take off more, but cant add them!

I am in southern California and grow my cannabis among a lot of vegetables and fruits. We have plenty of pests but none really cause any issues for me besides caterpillars.

Caterpillars are the larvae stage of moths and can bore into the stems of your buds and eat them from the inside. If you think that caterpillars are a concern in your area I would suggest weekly foliar spray, top and bottom of leaves, with BT.

If you have any other questions, just tag me. Here is my current grow:


Thank you both. You put me more at ease. I will create some air by cutting some lower branches back. Good opportunity to get them off of fencing they are rubbing on. They are very close this year. A little control is a very profound statement. Especially in today’s times. I incorporated some Diatomaceous earth for some natural debugging. I do see some Japanese lantern flies on the branches I don’t think they are eating the crop. Not sure. You think just lop the lowers off. So, ya think Go from the bottom up until I have about an eighth of the plant. Very much appreciate you guys. TY.

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Go slow and step back often to get an idea of your progress. You could also make clones from the branches you remove.

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To clone or not to clone… this is one branch that was broken. I would not no how to begin to clone her or if it is the type of candidate you are considering??


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Here is his journal @Amazon66! :wink:

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@elheffe702. @Amazon66. Good morning. Thank you for the look and like E. Was referred to you A. Thank you all. Could you offer an opinion on what you would do with this 50% to 3/4 way thru beauty. Coalas are getting fuller and all of a sudden male or hermaphroditism characteristics. Don’t want to cross the others. Too beautiful and full to trash? Re pot? Get rid of her and take the hit? Oy vey!

Thank you for your wisdom and stealthiness. One ok two close up pics this morning. Thank you. I hope you are off to an awesome day! :sweat_smile:

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If you have any other females near this one, you risk losing them all… :nerd_face:

I would check with the others for the correct way to do it.
But myself, I would put some plastic bag over it and cut it down so it doesn’t release any pollen around… that pollen can go really far in the wind…

Sorry to bring such bad news…

Maybe @Covertgrower , @Bulldognuts, @PurpNGold74, @CoyoteCody could help you out too??? :pray:

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In my opinion it’s far enough along to take down, so it does not contaminate other plants in the area. It will still give you good medicine

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This quote is your answer. Regardless of what you do with it got to get it far away from the others.


Thank you.

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It waited a long time to have male parts. I was told to throw a sheet or blanket over it so you don’t pollinate your other plants. Then get rid of it placing in plaster trash bag then out to trash, I know it sucks

Hey. Thank you for your wishes. Looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas.

The rest of the family will be better for it! Nice day to all !! :rofl: