Gold Leaf Fem started 2/16/17 *2ndGrow!*

7 days from seed pictured below

Starting conditions: 24 hr soak in pH 6.5 distilled H2O followed by directly planting in jiffy cubes with Miracle Grow seedling start mix
Sprouted on day 3 :slight_smile:
Day 6 from seed: 1st transplant to Jiffy pots with layered Fox Farm Happy Frog and seeding mix at top layer, roots well down into Jiffy cube!
Seedling Lighting: Philips T8 plant&aquarium fluorescent tube F15T8 15W, germination mat, plastic domes made from repurposed salad green containers
Misting with pH 6.5 DI H2O
Temps 72-80

Moving later to Grow Conditions: indoors, 2x4x5 Grow tent. 2 300W LEDs, one 9 band and one full spectrum

Thanks to everyone here for support during my first grows! Still trying to keep things minimal while I learn.


It’ll be nice to watch this gold leaf from the beginning. I’ll be tracking this, so tag me anytime.


2/26. 10 days from seed soak :wink:

Another big girl-little girl theme.

Big girl may outgrow the dome before 14 days. Concerned about putting them in the tent under LEDS - might need to get creative so they can stay under the T8 a bit longer.

I’m hoping I’ve timed this grow accurately - these are feminized. In my tent now 2WWAF that are flowering I think one week. Want to have them overlap in the tent :tent: until I harvest, then turn these Gold Leaf to Flower. Ultimately, my goal is to continuously rotate grows of 2 plants each through my 4 x 2 x 5 tent. We will see how that goes :slight_smile:

Just a little overall side note:

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this amazing new hobby. I am working in a lab all day. It’s so nice to spend time getting “back to nature” indoors at night through the long, cold winter. Thanks for following along. Input is welcomed. This forum really has helped me get started and narrowly avoid problems in my first two plants. But the best teacher are the plants themselves and I do enjoy just really observing and studying thier changes everyday.

Thank you ILGM and Robert Bergman for the awesome WWFAF magical teaching seeds for students of the home garden :blush:



This is the only place that I interact with people online.

If my seedlings get too tall for the dome, but still need the extra humidity, I mist them with pH’d water.

Your plan for the rotation sounds good to me, but I don’t know anything about a perpetual grow. I’ll send for @Paranorman @Majiktoker and I believe @Brian091180 has a perpetual dialed in.

If they can’t help you your timing, they’ll know who can.

I’m tracking your grow, so you won’t have to tag me unless you have a question. I’ll see that there are more posts here. :wink: It’s not a problem, just saving you a step.

How far are your lights from your plants?


Yes sir
I think i do okay

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Start germinating 4 weeks before harvest every time


So do i understand correct
You have 2ww in flower now ?
And you started seedling ?
About to out grow dome right?
Are they all in same space or is flowering plants in tent and :seedling: seedlings off to the side if yes they in there own space just use what light you have till tent frees up i like doing autos for my rotation that way always on 18/6 lighting but what also i start regs half way on autos but thats a bad way to keep the grow on without two tents


:smiling_imp: More than ok! Can you help with a schedule to keep the buds coming? Indoor is still out of my league.

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Do you have one space or tent

Ive ran cfls for seedling for 3 weeks keep them about 2inches away and they be happy as can be maybe not growing inches a day like hps/mh or LeDs but they do great till tent is open hope i helped a little
I run seedling in my pantry with small desk fan and two bulb fluorescent for the longest where theres will the always a way :grinning::grinning::+1:


Yes im with @Majiktoker
On timing sorry if i went down difficult path im used to having two tents and i never had to worry about what the flower tent was doing till there done then harvest move the veg plants to flower tent and start next batch
Of seedling two or three weeks before the moving one tent was 18/6 always the other 12/12 always, with autos in the 18/6 tent

Im sure it can be done different ways im new to this myself and love to get and give correct information so if i missed something let me know id hate to be the reason someone loses
Thanks guys
Grow happy grow friendly grow big

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@Majiktoker @Brian091180
Yes- thank you so much

~perpetual grow~ love the sound of it :heart:

I do have only one tent, and a small propagation station but have a nice space in my basement to improve upon. Would like to keep things basic and sustainable - a little worried about energy costs so going slow and this is for my own personal needs and some gifts to special friends. I am also considering registering to be a grower for an MM patient, but that is an optimistic hope for later on when I have more experience.

I will now think about developing a station for small veg’s to flourish until their time in the tent.

Many thanks, what a helpful community here.


@Sl1 if you like the theory of “perpetual grow” then you have to have two dedicated spaces. A veg space and a flower space…

Obviously the veg space “can” be a lot smaller that the flower space.

That is unless you just rotate the spaces, in which case two spaces of the same size would be more proper.

as an example:

Plants in flower space have 4 weeks left. Start the new plants in veg space. Harvest the plants in flower space and turn the veg space into the flower space so that the plants spend their entire lives in the same space. Less moving, less chances for something to go wrong. Start the new plants in the now vacated first space and repeat…


Large flower space and stage plants so that harvesting every three weeks or so. A little more complicated, but possible. Better with one or two plants at a time


@bob31 yes! Your plan A is what I’m aiming for, with sets of two plants rotating, hoping to experiment with cloning my Gold Leaf girls that I’ve just started. I also have NL (normal), WWAF, and GL(gem) seed stocks. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try a plant outside too this summer. What a great hobby.


I’d like to see that Gold Leaf done outside! They say she can become a monster! If you have to worry about people seeing over a fence I would recommend screening her if you get to do it.


Flo- that actually may prevent me from trying an outdoor grow - as much as I’d like to grow a massive yielding plant I can’t have it get out of control :slight_smile:


You’ll be fine with guidance from the forum. Screen her, top her, mainline…instead of allowing her to grow up you work her to grow out.

I don’t want to push you into something you’re not comfortable with, but it’s options that would allow you to let her thrive in the Sun.

There will be help here for you no matter what you decide…


I’ll know closer to Spring…still winter here in New England. Not ruling it out though, I’ll just tuck her in between the tomatoes and the kale :heart_eyes:…could be a fun learning experience! My space is small but gets a ton of sun.

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Even in ma it is against the law for plants to be visible from the road I think is the term they used in law?

Plastic lattice us your friend! Lol I’ve got gold leaf fem I’m gonna grow at least one outdoors this summer.