Harvest issue - gold leaf

I have a gold leaf that is way overdue to be harvested, ( three weeks so far). There are many buds, however, the trichomes are small and have not begun to change color, they are still crystal clear….

Please tell me the specifics of this genotype and if the trichomes will change color and when they should be harvested?

Also, is it typical of this seed/plant to have very small and weak stems that cannot support the buds?

This is a conventional grow:
Organic soil and amendments
Boggie brew tea
HLG 650 at 100%, 12 hrs/day
R/O water, ph 6.5 or lower.
No co2, just a normal grow

Thank you!


Pictures will help.

Two major factors, genetics and environment.

To grow strong plants a good breeze is important from the first week onward.
Nutrients, lights, temperature etc it’s all important.

Genetics also plays a large roll, you see if you had 10 gold leaf seeds and you plant all of them you would find multiple different plants.


I’d like to see a pic of the plant as well, but here’s kind of a perspective for you. Here’s an ILGM GDP that is almost 8 weeks from flip, and it still has several weeks to go. Breeder says 9 weeks. It has always had a breeze on it from the day it popped up, and the stems are very strong.


Nice plant @Dexterado

Pics will help immensely.
A little silica next grow should help strengthen those stalks. Some nutrient lines seem to do better with stem size. I started using Jacks 321 and the base of my plants now look like trees. The stems are massive as well. But genetics can be it too and you just deal with it.

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Why do you think they are 3 weeks over due.

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More than 3 weeks past the happy frog nut schedule, immature trichomes, poor bud formation. I will post pics, however, looking at the one pic provided by someone else. I am now thinking I have a “poor” seed?

The only good with this grow is the intense diesel smell. (very strong) This surprises me as the buds are nothing to bragg about…

Plants finish when they finish they don’t follow anyone’s set schedule. Without pictures we can’t tell.

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Can anyone provide their grow of gold leaf?
After this I will focus my efforts on more consistent genetics.
That said if the smell of diesel indicates strength I would reconsider.
Buds are more sticky than others, but the trichomes are small, buds not filling out, etc…
Does anyone see this grow trying to “morf”?

Thank you!!

NO expert, but 30yrs growing… those first few shots look like the buds/foliage/stems(main and tertiary) is dried on the plant…Maybe its exposure/lighting, but even those stems appear Brown…
Time to cut a bud and look at it under a scope very well and a smoke test.

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Pls see pictures attached,

Thanks Pete, you share my concern. The plants are not dry, maybe now, bc I have extended the “normal” grow time to let the trichomes mature. The humidity is 50% and they are watered twice a day as they are root bound in 5 gal pot.

They turned brown a month or more, dropped its leaves and the buds just seem to be stuck.

What to expect is tested as is?

Yes, cut a small popcorn bud and either quick dry it or the lazy way ( I usually try it right off the plant.) Just to see. It sure looks done and on-the-stem-dried in the photos, I’m sure other folks will chime in and if you provide a bunch of grow log details, someone will help ya figure out where you may have gotten derailed. That is if it was derailed, the plant may just be Done, if it was an auto.

Not really sure what’s going on here… Did you cut the stem off and your hanging it in the screen to dry? Because that plant looks over dry.

If you are in a truly organic soil and watering 2 a day that’s probably your problem I’ve grown gold leaf it reminds me of white widow I think you have root rot or something like that and for your second question if you grow a plant properly than the plant can’t support the buds but that whole plant looks brown gold leaf doesn’t do that in other words plants like a wet to dry cycle with watering 2 times daily in soil will drown your plants you can only do that with like a coco but not knowing your type of soil. And only adding teas most organic growers only do it maybe 2 or three times the entire grow when I grow in soil every other day is most I water :v:Good luck

I see what you are saying:
I only use teas every two weeks.
The soil is a strong mix of coco and other course amendment’s. The plant is root bound, thus the reason for two light watering’s a day. Because the roots are bound in the pot, the soil does not hold enough water if watered once/day. w/o the 2nd watering the plant will begin to wilt.

This plant simply never acted like I expected. I would like to see other examples of this plant grown under different conditions.

Thank you1

The plant is still growing. I turned brown very early in the grow but continued to grow so I let it go. In the pic. it looks dead or like fried catfish, but it is living and the inside of the buds green and moist.

I am getting tried of this genic, I plan to cut, hang, dry , and see what happens. More experience…

Do you see any signs of “male” parts on one of the buds?

This plant is almost 4ft wide and the diesel odor is off the charts, all signs of a great grow, right?? I have never seen a plant perform like this one.

You left it to long, it’s all torched and Amber tricombs. It’s almost dead, it’s life cylce is at the very end. Gonna be some good couch lock weed not many terpenes I assume though.


Brown early on in any living plant is not a good sign. Root bound - likely wont alone do that…it’ll more likely halt any additional growth. If you kept a log, that would be a great place to troubleshoot what is/was going on and when it got off the rails.
I am speculating on PH/Nute Burn and maybe some root rot/bugs, the plant is a weed and hardy as hell. Looks like a hella good job on the canopy build. How old is that plant, was this a revegged mother you have a serious understructure there? If so, ever root pruned?

Poster above @Dexterado posted a photo of what you should have at this stage till near end, expect some yellowing as the plant cannibalizes itself late in the game and your on only PH’d water.

I still say cut a mid popcorn bud and test it…

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